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The buttons below access reports scattered throughout this site. The complete list of site reports is included in the sections below for your convenience. In these reports is found information about what we are facing today in the energy field, plus in the world itself.

A considerable amount of information about the author's complete engine and fuel system package, plus combined-cycle combustion-steam technology is revealed in the lower portion of this page, under the heading 'Main Purpose of This Site.'

Near the bottom of the page is a section called SOME EXTRAS. This section contains links to Internet information about the vast pre-salt and subsalt oil reservoirs, plus about new oil continually available from deep within the earth.


Cascadia Alert

This site is mainly about engines and fuel systems. But, it appears that there are a couple of things which inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest part of the United States, plus inhabitants of British Columbia, Canada, should be aware of. The first is that major Cascadia earthquake which appears to be on its way. The second is the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, located along the Columbia River in southeastern Washington state.

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is something to especially be aware of. The radionuclides and other contamination spreading in the environment from this facility appears to be the cause of many cancers, plus serious and deadly birth defects in the region. This Hanford facility will be spoken about and a report linked in the second section below. But now, let's look at Cascadia.

Scientists understand that the Cascadia region of the United States and Canada could experience a massive, extremely devastating earthquake at virtually any time. At this point, it is unknown if the earthquake will happen later today or some other time in the decades ahead. No human knows exactly when it will happen.

What the scientists do know for sure is that the geologic stresses are steadily building in the region and the devastating earthquake WILL HAPPEN in the days ahead. It is like a loaded gun with a "hair trigger," which is just waiting for the right moment to go off.

If this seismic region releases its full potential, the earthquake produced will be extremely destructive. According to the experts, it could be the worst natural disaster ever experienced in the United States.

The report linked below contains the results of the author's research and findings. To obtain an accurate picture of what the author is presenting, first read the complete report before becoming bogged down in the large volume and variety of information presented in the links.

Maps, pictures and diagrams which are noted in the text should be examined as you read, for they add to the text. The report presents The Picture and the links provide a large amount of documentation for those things stated.

If you live in the Cascadia region of the United States or Canada, the author hopes you take these things seriously. May you prepare yourself as best as possible.

For your information, the author lives in the Cascadia region, possibly very near the path of epicenters for the next Cascadia event. Should he move? Actually, there is no GUARANTEED safe place on the face of this earth.

Just when you think you're completely safe, you can be hit with a heart attack, a terrorist attack, a car or train, or a high-speed space-rock. When your number is up, it's up, and there is nothing you can do about it. You can run, but you cannot hide.

Bottom Line: Make the most of your life while you are here. Do what you see needs to be done to make things better upon this earth; which may not necessarily be what others think you ought to be doing. And, be fully ready to meet your Maker and, more importantly, be ready for what comes after.

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation

The writer has researched the Hanford Nuclear Reservation for many years. His understanding of Hanford has come in stages, as he explored deeper and deeper into things surrounding Hanford. The report linked below is his findings --- the things he understands at this point, plus things which are not commonly told to the public by the popular media. In all of this, be forewarned --- the picture for Hanford is not pretty.

In the Hanford region is found a high rate of serious and deadly birth defects, like anencephaly. There are also many cancers. It also appears that food grown in the region, plus things like wines and water, may be contaminated to one degree or another with radionuclides. But, another horrible thing has come to light as a result of the writer's continued research. It appears that Hanford is virtually hemorrhaging radioactive and chemical contaminants in a southerly direction.

It appears that a large portion of the contaminants from Hanford are taking a route which brings them directly into the Yakima River, rather than directly into the Columbia River along the perimeter of the Hanford site. And, from the Yakima River, the contaminants then flow freely into the Columbia River. It appears that this has been happening and known about since the 1940s, but has been covered up by those in control of Hanford.

The document linked below is very large and covers many subjects. It also goes into things which have been happening in our world and who appears to be behind them, especially when it comes to Hanford. But, the sections which speak about the "escape route" which those dangerous radioactive and chemical agents use, as they directly access the Yakima River, begins about half way down the page.

The information relating to the "escape route" to the Yakima River is located in the center, main column of the page, beginning with the section linked here. This starting section is titled That Complex Geology. The remainder of the information is found in the sections which then follow. The link below goes to the beginning of the rather lengthy document, which may be much for some people to wade through.

Some Other Things to Be Aware Of

Besides fuel and energy systems, plus Cascadia earthquakes and troublesome nuclear reservations, the writer believes that there are some other things which the public should be aware of --- things which are happening upon our earth. It is time for another public service announcement. The news media, for quite some time, has spoken about the case of Catholic priests which are sexually abusing children. Then there are those numerous children which have been murdered. Something needs to be done about this very criminal situation. The first button below accesses a page which provides rather extensive information on what is happening on our earth. Read it and become informed.

Well, the governments of this world do not seem to want to get in there and clean up the problem of priestly raping and the abuse of children. It also looks like the papal organization does not want to get in there and bring a swift end to all the criminal activity of those sexually abusing priests and others. So, the second page linked below possibly reveals how the mess will ultimately get cleaned up. Check it out. The linked page gives much food for thought. It appears we may be living in some very interesting times. It does appear that we may soon witness one of the greatest natural catastrophies which humans have seen upon this earth.

Well, that takes care of things for the public service announcements. Let us now move onward and begin consider what is happening in the energy field. Then, there is that special fuel system from the 1930s which was produced by Charles Pogue. This Pogue system gave incredible fuel mileage. It was a unique fuel cracking device which gave high fuel mileage and good performance. Once its design and characteristics are clearly understood, it becomes clear that an engine fueled via this system would have had extremely low or almost non-existent emission. All of this was done using a reliable mechanical system which used no expensive computer controls. Then, there is all that other linked information to consider. Enjoy.

Concerning  The  Reports  Which  Follow

There are reports on this site which are dedicated to automotive and experimental fuel systems history. These reports were created so the general public may learn about important things which were done in the generations before us.

Let us now begin with an orderly read. First, the nuclear industry will be considered, along with problems relating to radioactive materials which get into the environment. Then comes power plants, the grid and the wind industry, plus a few other subjects.

The subject matter then begins to steer toward things relating to the author's combined-cycle, combustion-steam technology, and its advantages to the consumer and the environment. Enjoy.

The  Nuclear  Industry,  plus  Radiation

The  Power  and  Wind  Industry

Automotive  and  Energy  History

Our  World  Today  and  a  Better  Way

Main  Purpose  of  This  Site
Presenting Information relating to the Advanced Technology for New or Existing
Transportation or Industrial Engines: from Small Engines to Ship Engines or larger.
Trimming the energy baron's  "waist line"  is far overdue.

By carefully studying all of the following reports, a clear understanding of the operating processes and necessary system components in the author's technology should be obtainable. With this information and a few basic skills, you should be able to design and build your own working version of the author's highly-efficient, combined-cycle combustion-steam system.

But, for the most efficient system, you may still need to work with the author.



The bulk of this website is about the author's own engine and fuel-system project. But, the author would like this website to be even more valuable. He is therefore, via the buttons and sections below, presenting information about published articles from the 1900s to Internet articles of the present day.

It is the author's hope that this information may be used wisely in the battle for energy freedom and independence. It should be noted that this is just SOME of the unique information which the author has buried in his extensive research notes.




Pre-salt and subsalt oil plays are the new, big thing in the Western oil industry. There appears to be almost unlimited amounts of oil locked up beneath the thick salt layers, deep below the surface of the earth.


The buttons below access images from the Internet which help visualize the meaning of pre-salt and subsalt oil deposits. In the images, note the thick, white salt layer beneath the floor of the ocean. The vast, very immense, virtually unlimited reserves of oil are located beneath this thick layer of salt.


The Internet image accessed below illustrates the vast salt layer which resides deep below the surface of the earth. This thick salt layer actually resides beneath the ocean bottoms, as well as deep below the continental landmasses.

In real life, generally speaking, the main salt layer (or "mother bed") may be even deeper below the landmass, than it is below the ocean bottom.


In contrast to pre-salt oil reservoirs, the image linked below shows the rather finite oil traps around salt domes. These are the type of traps which have commonly been tapped by the petroleum industry over the years. These are the ones which appear to be running low on oil.


Now for the "meat" of this section. Below are links to articles about pre-salt and subsalt oil reservoirs, plus impressive production information for these vast reservoirs. These vast and virtually unlimited oil reserves are the ones which big oil and their supporters would rather you not know about, nor understand the implications of them.



Over the years there has been talk about Peak Oil and running out of oil. But now, it appears that better information is breaking onto the scene. The Adiotic Oil Theory states that oil is being made deep down in the earth. New oil is continually made without the need for any biological matter.


Does it really take biological matter, like dinosaurs, to make oil, like Western science teaches? Or, can oil be produced by nature in places where vast quantities of life has never been? It is time to put Western oil teachings to the test.

The 2008 webpage linked below is from the European Space Agency. The article is about Titan, a moon of the planet Saturn. The environment on Titan may not be very conducive to life, for its temperature is minus 179°C (minus 290°F). So, any hydrocarbon products on Titan would have to be manufactured via a different method than large amounts of living matter.

The European Space Agency webpage declares: "Saturn's orange moon Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth, according to new Cassini data. The hydrocarbons rain from the sky, collecting in vast deposits that form lakes and dunes."

The page states: "The new findings [2008] from the study led by Ralph Lorenz, Cassini radar team member from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA, are reported in the 29 January 2008 issue of the Geophysical Research Letters."

The page above continues: "Titan is just covered in carbon-bearing material --- it's a giant factory of organic chemicals," said Lorenz. "This vast carbon inventory is an important window into the geology and climate history of Titan." Something very interesting is also stated: "Scientists believe that methane might be supplied to the atmosphere [of Titan] by venting from the interior in cryovolcanic eruptions."

At this point, there is an important issue to consider. The hydrocarbons on Titan are called organic. But they are non-biological, for there is no life on Titan, nor likely every was. So the hydrocarbons were most likely produced via another avenue: one which fits directly into the abiotic oil theory.


Certain groups of individuals state that new oil is made in the deeper crust or mantle of the earth. Some state that it was made in the core of the earth. Whatever the true location for abiotic oil formation on earth (and there could be multiple locations), it now appears there may virtually be an unlimited supply of oil.


The buttons on this page access Internet articles about oil which is continually made deep in the earth. The article linked below speaks of an oil field in the Gulf of Mexico whose production was dropping rapidly. Suddenly, the oil field began filling again with new oil: an oil which has "a geologic age quite different from the oil that gushed 10 years ago."

The article above also declares: "Thomas Gold, a respected astronomer and professor emeritus at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, has held for years that oil is actually a renewable, primordial syrup continually manufactured by the Earth under ultrahot conditions and tremendous pressures."


The webpage linked below declares: "Many Russian geologists and petroleum researchers credit the rise of Russia over the past 50 years as the largest producer of oil and second largest producer of natural gas in the world to the successful application of the abiogenic theory of oil and gas formation."

The article above also declares: "An abiogenic theory of petroleum is not new, dating from the 16th century. In the 19th century two very accomplished scientists, Alexander von Humboldt and Dimitri Mendeleev ( of the Periodic Table fame) advanced the concept."


The article below states: "It is looking like oil is far more plentiful than western governments and the mainstream media would like us to believe, and the reason oil is so plentiful is because it is produced deep in the earth by geological processes in addition to any biological processes."

The article states further: "If oil were produced deep in the earth by abiotic processes, then we would expect some old wells to begin to refill --- and that is exactly what is happening." It also states: "It is not hard to understand why western elites would suppress the reality of abiotic oil." Yes, money and power may be part of the picture.

A couple of links in the article below are not working, so here are new links: 'Fracturing the Fossil Fuel Fable (link)' and 'More Evidence for Abiotic Oil (link)'.


The article linked below declares: "We are currently sitting on more proven petroleum reserves than ever before despite the increasing rate at which we are consuming petroleum products. New and gigantic oil fields are being discovered at an increasing rate, in places the fossil fuel theory would never have been predicted as possible."


The webpage linked below declares: "The abiotic hypothesis is that a full suite of hydrocarbons found in petroleum can be generated in the mantle by abiogenic processes, and these hydrocarbons can migrate out of the mantle into the crust until they escape to the surface or are trapped by impermeable strata, forming petroleum reservoirs."


The document linked below contains the following statement: "The overwhelming preponderance of geological evidence compels the conclusion that crude oil and natural petroleum gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the Earth. They are primordial materials which have been erupted from great depths."

The document states: "The 'biological hypothesis' of petroleum origins has been rejected in this century by scientific petroleum geologists because it is formidably inconsistent with the existing geological records "on the ground." That hypothesis has been rejected also by physicists, chemists, and engineers because it violates fundamental physical law."

The document also mentions petroleum gas reservoirs beneath methane clathrate zones. This document does contain much good information. It should be noted, though, that there are quite a number of spaces in the middle of words. This makes it a bit harder to read. But once this is understood, reading the document is much easier and makes a lot more sense.


The document linked below examines the organic theory for petroleum, and then looks closely at the non-organic theory of the genesis of petroleum. Of interest is the following: "The major oil fields of the world are concentrated on or near belts of major tectonic activity or in fact along fault zones." The document then speaks of a number of oil fields in seismic zones.

Of interest also is the following: "Reservoirs of 'geopressured gas' have been found to underlie all major oil bearing regions. These are sandstones and shales containing enormous amounts of gas dissolved in salt brines. Reserves of such gas are estimated at 60,000 TCF (trillion cubic feet ) in the U.S. alone, exceeding by several factors the total conventional gas reserves of the world."

The document then states: "In addition, vast domains of gas exist in open fractures of non-sedimentary basement rock. A deep hole currently being drilled in Germany has found these at depths of up to 4km."


Science teaches that heavy elements reside in the core of the earth. If this is true, then the heaviest elements such as plutonium, neptunium, uranium, protactinium, thorium, actinium, radium and a host of other, relatively heavy radioactive elements should reside in the very heart of the earth.

With a large volume of the heavier, radioactive elements compressed together in the core of the earth, there is no option but for a large nuclear reactor to be operating at this location. And that is exactly what the American scientist J. Marvin Herndon began writing about in the 1990s, as shown in the article linked below. A 2002 article in Discover magazine about Herndon and his research findings is also linked here.

The American Thinker article, linked above, speaks of "evidence of a nuclear fission reactor, called the georeactor, at Earth's center." It then states: "The georeactor could provide the energy source for heating Earth's core. In addition, the nuclear reaction would provide the atoms needed for petroleum production..."

The elemental components for producing petroleum "flow outward" from the nuclear reactor. Outside of the reactor, "molecular bonding of elemental carbon" with elemental hydrogen produces basic hydrocarbons, which steadily migrate upwards to form petroleum reservoirs closer to the surface of the earth.

As noted in the article, this process provides "a renewable and virtually inexhaustible supply" of petroleum in reservoirs beneath the surface of the earth.


The two links below are about a book which is sold on called 'The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People,' by Gerome Corsi. The pages declare:

"Clearly, big U.S. oil companies had no financial interest in explaining to the American people that oil was a natural product made on a continual basis deep within the earth. If there were only so many fossils in geological time, there could only be so much oil. Big oil could then charge more for a finite, rapidly disappearing resource than for a natural, renewable, and probably inexhaustible one."


A commentary about the book noted in the links above (The Great Oil Conspiracy) is included in the link below. The commentary states, in part: "This book makes a pretty good case for theory that oil is NOT a 'fossil fuel,' but produced deep in the Earth's mantle in an 'abiotic' process that's renewable, if not unlimited."

It states further: "One thing good about this short book is Corsi directly rebuts Matthew R. Simmons's book TWILIGHT IN THE DESERT as well as the work of M. King Hubbard, Thomas Malthus, and the famous 1972 MIT study entitled The Limits to Growth."


It is nice to know that there is virtually an unlimited supply of petroleum in vast underground reservoirs. But, because of the way we have done things for decades with our engines and heating systems, it just appears there is that much more petroleum which we can utterly waste and squander through gross inefficiency, while causing more pollution than we should.

All this horrendous inefficiency does is make the "energy barons," plus their political allies and stock holders, richer and richer. To make matters worse, it appears these individuals may have no true care about the plight or well-being of the general public, the nation or the world at large.

Instead of pumping more oil out of the ground, we actually need to greatly increase the efficiency of our numerous motor vehicles and engine-driven devices (and even our residential and industrial heating systems), so that we waste far less fuel. In so doing, far less oil would need to be found and pumped out of the ground.

That is the main purpose of this website: to present an important method which has the potential for greatly increasing the fuel efficiency of our numerous engines. The basic technology may also be used to increase the efficiency of heating systems which use standard fuels.

By the full use of the technology presented in this site, worldwide fuel consumption could be drastically reduced. Many of our environmental problems could also be resolved, in a logical and cost-effective manner.

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