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A  Silent  War  on  Citizens

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Hijacking the Legitimate United States

A documented report by:  David E. Sakrisson

Originally written:  Wednesday, June 15, 2011
(Last update:  Saturday, September 17, 2011, at 10:55am PDT)

Copyright © 2011-2015 by David E. Sakrisson
All Rights Reserved

The updating of this document has taken much longer than expected. The research has gotten deeper and deeper, plus more involved. The magnitude of the information is somewhat staggering. The full picture is very large. This is not an easy write. There is yet much more information which needs to be presented, which does not appear in the present update. The writer needs great wisdom on how all of the information is to be presented to the general public, or if the public is even ready for the information.

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Years ago, the writer read a book called 'The Gulag Archipelago.' There was something written in that book which the writer never forgotten. It is as follows.

"By an unexpected turn of our history, a bit of truth, an insignificant part of the whole, was allowed out in the open. But those same hands which once screwed tight our handcuffs now hold out their palms in reconciliation: 'No, don't! Don't dig up the past! Dwell on the past and you'll lose an eye.' But the proverb goes on to say: 'Forget the past and you'll lose both eyes.'"

With the above words of wisdom in mind, let us continue into the discussion which follows.


This document contains, or has links to, a considerable amount of history. Without this history, we may never really understand the implications of events happening in our world today. Without an understanding of this history, we may not be able to keep our nation healthy and viable. Without this history, we may not understand the fundamental reason why our economy is hurting and there is so much unemployment, while our government appears to have no true interest in helping to rectify the situation.

Some people note various events which happen on this earth, but do not see the connection between certain of these events. To them, these events are simply unrelated or accidental, or possibly just coincidental. One of the purposes of this document is to help 'connect the dots' between certain events in history. This document is also a rudimentary introduction to the silent war on citizens.


Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States. There are a number of sources which attribute a certain statement to Roosevelt. Other sources say he never made the statement. Possibly the statement is controversial and "needed to be buried." Nevertheless, the statement appears to have a lot of merit, especially in our day. This should become more apparent as this discussion progresses.

The statement attributed to Roosevelt is thus: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." The preceeding statement is found within or on the sidebars of the webpages linked below.

As this discussion progresses, it should become rather obvious that much covert planning has been done behind the scenes in our world. Much of this planning has worked to undermine the legitimate United States government. This planning, and the oft illegal acts which follow, may then be "classified", hiding and burying these acts from the sight of the general public.


Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States: from 1929 to 1933. Prior to becoming President, Hoover was the United States Secretary of Commerce under two Presidents: namely Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. It appears that Hoover was a rather intelligent and thinking man. He was a trained, professional engineer.

As a professional mining engineer, Hoover proved successful in the goldfields of Western Australia and in China. During the Boxer Rebellion in China, Hoover helped guide U.S. Marines, because of his extensive knowledge of the local terrain. Indeed, Hoover had many experiences in life and had the opportunity to observe different governments in action.

Regarding the health of the United States and its people, Hoover declared: "A nation is strong or weak, it thrives or perishes upon what it believes to be true. If our youth is rightly instructed in the faith of our fathers; in the traditions of our country; in the dignity of each individual man, then our power will be stronger than any weapon of destruction that man can devise."

Please note in the statement above the use of the words "rightly instructed." These words are extremely important and are kept in mind throughout this discussion. The webpages linked below present background information about Herbert Hoover.


History, especially a good knowledge of the proper history, is actually extremely important. Without a good knowledge of history, it is similar to flying blind in life. Since history often has tended to repeat itself, with a good knowledge of history, we my observe trends and where similar trends historically have tended to lead.

History, once again, the proper type of history, is one of the best teachers we can have. To make good and informed decisions which determine our futures, we need the best information available from history to form the clearest possible and most accurate picture of reality. To obtain a true and accurate picture in life, it is helpful to have the information which "fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle."

We should not be afraid of history. We must never be afraid to admit to those things which have happened in the past. We must admit to human nature as it really is and what it is capable of, if we are ever to learn the important lessons from history. We are doing ourselves no favor if we say that negative acts and events from the past did not happen upon this earth. We are doing ourselves no favor if we are living in denial.

Life is what it is. The past is the past, but only in its completeness. Let us learn the important lessons which history holds out for us to see.


There are many good and decent people upon this earth who simply go about their daily business and would never consider intentionally harming anyone else in any manner. For these decent people, it may be hard to understand that there are people upon this earth who have a totally different philosophy about life.

There are those upon this earth who have a strong desire or overwhelming lust to rule or lord it over others, or force their way upon others. They act like it is their purpose, ordained by whatever god they worship, to rule over virtually the whole world. To a segment of these people, they will do anything to obtain the power and control they lust after.

To certain people, the end totally justifies the means. It is like they can live without any morals, feelings or conscience. They may have no true care for their fellow humans. They may only care about themselves or the organization which they are a part of. They may readily harm others simply for monetary or political power, again, to obtain that position of power and control they strongly desire or lust after.

History shows many examples of people who would readily harm or destroy others simply for religious reasons, or because they did not like them, or because they were ordered to wrongly destroy others by those who were in charge. This discussion includes an examination of these types of people and their ongoing, silent war on citizens.


It is time to present a little-known fact in U.S. history. Around the time of World War Two, there was a very tight-knit group of the American elite and internationalists who were plotting to overthrow and take control of the legitimate government of the United States. Instead of the intended land of freedom and liberty, plus justice for all, they wanted to install a very oppressive, fascist, Hitler and Nazi type government. What is more, these people helped place Hitler in power in the first place.

Information about the planned overthrow of the U.S. government prior to and during the World War Two era is presented later in this discussion. How the government was then virtually blackmailed by the elite who helped Hitler may also be examined. And the United States has never been the same since. Furthermore, this discussion presents information about an ongoing silent and sinister war which is being propagated upon citizens of the United States, plus citizens of virtually the whole world.


The war against the United States and its lawful citizens appears to be propagated by a certain elite and powerful, very well financed and well connected group of people. Their sinister war against citizens and the legitimate U.S. government is a result of their strong desire to enslave the populace, plus cause an accelerating and very drastic reduction in human population upon this earth by whatever means they have at their disposal.

Some methods used by the elite aggressors are presented in this discussion. A few of their methods appear as being rather subtil and possibly somewhat deceptive. Some of their schemes for causing a drastic reduction in population may take up to three generations to produce the full impact. Nevertheless, their methods are extremely effective and the effects virtually guaranteed, as they steadily propagate a blatant war of enslavement and genocide.


In the early 1900s, there were rich and powerful people in the United States who were completely obsessed with the Nazi Adolph Hitler and his tactics. In the 1930s, there was a "home grown" terrorist organization which was financed by rich and powerful industrialists in the United States. One of the purposes of this terrorist organization was to fire-bomb, beat and brutally murder industrial workers who did not follow the will of the powerful industrialists.

The night-riding terrorist organization had a membership of 20,000 to 100,000 people, depending on the source of information. Many members of this terrorist organization were "honorable" citizens by day, like doctors, lawyers, policeman, prosecutors, police chiefs, state legislators and other public officials and public servants. This terrorist organization was not the Ku Klux Klan, but some say it was associated with it and was splintered from it. Others declare that it was a completely separate and independent organization.

The well-financed and notorious terrorist organization was called the Black Legion. Basic information about this brutal and criminal group, plus basic information surrounding them, is found in the articles linked below.


The name "Black Legion" should be kept in mind, for this name comes up in information presented on other webpages which are linked to this discussion. Yes, Black Legions, in one form or another, have surfaced at different points in history. They are not just a modern phenomenon.

It does not appear that Black Legions, or groups like them, have ever been for the true good of the general populace. It is important for us to note who has often been behind or motivating they types of groups. This, yes this, is part of the important lesson which history may teach us.


The symbol of the brutal and deadly Black Legion terrorist organization was the skull and crossbones, or simply, the skull and bones. It appears there may be a link between the Black Legion and their symbolic skull and bones, and the Skull and Bones society at Yale University, plus the skull and bones symbol used by the Nazi SS. There is actually much to this story.

Information about the Nazi use of the skull and bones symbol is introduced in the Wikipedia article linked below. Information about an apparent connection between the above three groups of people, plus a world power, may be examined later in this discussion.

Information about powerful people behind the Black Legion is presented in more depth in articles linked later in this discussion. As a small aside, one very interesting tidbit of information is found in the second article linked in the preceding section.

The second article linked in the above section indicates that in the early 1900s, the notorious Ku Klux Klan, which appears to have been associated with the Black Legion, controlled the state governments in Indiana, Colorado, and Oregon. History shows that it can happen here.


Yes, today, the battle against, plus the hijacking of, the legitimate form of govenment in the United States still rages on by the elite group of controllers and manipulators of our world. The battle against legitimate citizens, plus their slow loss of freedoms and the ever-tightening enslavement, also continues unabated. But things are a little different today than they were at points in earlier years.

The war against citizens is more subtilty and complex now, plus more technical, than it has ever been in past history. The perpetrators are generally using great stealth. There are also a greater number of powerful, international "players" involved in the "modern" version of this ongoing battle: the silent and sinister war to enslave the citizens of the United States, plus citizens of virtually the whole world.


The PDF file linked below, on page 27 of that file, declares: "Himmler’s dreaded SS recruited its members from the upper echelons of society, i.e. the blue bloods, bankers, and aristocrats." "Many of the senior SS posts were occupied by the ruling class elite." "The SS sported, along with its SS insignia, a skull, the 'death head,' and was known as the 'brotherhood of death.'”

At the top of page 28, of the file linked below, is declared: "There have been allegations that Hitler's German-Nazi SS had a fraternal counterpart in the United States, the 'Order of Skull and Bones,' which was known as 'the Order' and the 'Brotherhood of Death.'
"The American chapter of the 'Order of Skull and Bones' also has its roots in Germany. Its headquarters? Yale University..." "Like its German counterpart, the American 'brotherhood of death' also known as the 'Order of Skull and Bones' recruited its members from the upper echelons of society, i.e. the blue bloods, bankers, and aristocrats."

More information will be presented on this matter, and the connection with powerful international players, later in this discussion.


There is something to note in the webpage linked above. Page 26 of the above webpage shows that when Hitler did not get what he wanted using legal means, he then "resorted to terrorism in order to undermine the government." Hitler was perpetrating terrorism in his own country, against his own people, in order to obtain the political control which he desired. Is human nature any different today, for those who have a lust for power and control? Could such a thing ever happen in our own country, as happened in Germany?

Page 30, of the above webpage, contains some interesting information. William Dodd, U.S. Ambassador to Germany in 1937, declared: "Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there." We of today must keep this in mind throughout the remainder of this discussion. But, there is much more to this story and who is actually behind it, at the very core.

Page 31, of the above webpage, indicates that Hitler's murderous extermination programs were "based on the emerging science of “eugenics.” Later in this discussion, it will be shown that much of the thought behind Hitler's eugenics programs came from the elite of the United States. But, even in this, there is much, much more to the story. It appears that the elite of the United States have not come upon this thinking all by themselves.


The Wikipedia article, linked below, gives a somewhat complete list of names for Skull and Bones members associated with the Yale University chapter, through the 1960s. The list starts with the early founding members. Then, starting in the 1970s, it appears the Skull and Bones membership became more secretive and speculative.

Various government officials are lifetime members of the secretive Skull and Bones society. Founding members of the Order of Skull and Bones were later associated with both the Democrat and Republican parties. Many later members of the secretive Skull and Bones organization went into government positions, again, as either Democrats or Republicans.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties have connections to the secretive Skull and Bones group. But truly, there is much more to this story. We have barely scratched the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Let us consider who is behind this questionable organization. Is it simply a group of American people, or is it a group which is in submission to a foreign power? More on this matter later in the discussion.


There is a person of interest listed in the membership of the secretive Skull and Bones society. That is Thomas Day Thatcher, who became a member in 1904. The Wikipedia article linked below shows that during World War One, he "worked with the American Red Cross, providing funding for the Bolshevik Revolution, in Russia from 1917–1918."

The Wikipedia article linked below shows that the Bolsheviks were part of "the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party." The article states that the Bolsheviks "ultimately became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union." In other words, it appears the Skull and Bones member noted above was ultimately helping to provide funding for the rise of the Socialist-Democrats and Communists in Russia.

So far in this discussion, it appears that members of the Skull and Bones group have ties to the Democrats and Republicans, plus the Fascists and the Communists throughout this world. But, once again, there is still much more to this story, as will become evident later in this discussion.


The webpage linked below lists names of people who are members of yet another organization, one called the Knights of Malta. This organization is also known as the Military Order of Malta, the Sovereign Order of Malta, or even the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. It is interesting to note that certain U.S. government officials are members of both the Skull and Bones Society and the Knights or Military Order of Malta.

The following are just a few of the notable names on the Knights of Malta list who are holding or have held government positions within the United States: Pat Buchanan, George H.W Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Michael Chertoff, Bill Clinton, John Danforth, Allen Dulles, Avery Dulles, Gen. Alexander Haig, J. Edgar Hoover, Ted Kennedy, Henry A. Kissinger, Oliver North, Thomas 'Tip' O'Neill, Ronald E. Reagan, Nelson Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Antonin Scalia, and Gen. William Westmoreland.


The webpages linked below give information about the Knights of Malta. This organization is headquartered in Rome. It is both a religious order and a military brotherhood, which is part of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

The Knights of Malta have no actual territory but are recognized as being a sovereign power: one which even issues its own passports. Started in the late 1000s, the Knights of Malta at times have waged war against Muslims. It also took part in the Counter Reformation.

The Knights of Malta is ruled by a Grand Master. This Grand Master is generally answerable only to the Roman Catholic Pope. Historically, the Grand Master has been ranked as a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

The third webpage linked below declares: "The Knights of Malta are the militia of the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath which is taken extremely seriously and to the death. The Pope as the head of the Vatican is also the head of a foreign national power."


Let us now consider the fact that a number of U.S. government officials are members of the Knights of Malta, just a few of whom are listed further above. These U.S. govenment officials are thereby part of the militia of the Pope and, as such, are in submission to a foreign national power. In such a case, are these government officials truly working for the best interests of the citizens of the United States?


It appears that govenment officials who are members of the Knights of Malta or any other organization with ties to the Vatican (the Vatican being a foreign state) are operating under a conflict of interest. It also appears they are in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Let us consider the following.

The webpage linked below presents Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution. It declares: "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state."

The webpage linked immediately above declares: "The Sovereign Grand Master of the [Knights of Malta] order is recognized as a head of state, and his authority is ensured by his secular ranking as a Prince, and his ecclesiastical ranking as a Cardinal. Under international law this organization has independent Sovereign status, which assures nationalistic loyalty from its members, above and beyond allegiance to their own country."

So, what are U.S. citizens allowing their government officials to do?


The first article linked below declares: "The [Knights of Malta] order and its members have been proven to be linked with the 'Rat Run', the post-WWII escape route used by high-ranking Nazis and death camp scientists from defeated Germany to the Americas. Sovereign Knight of Malta passports were issued with false identities that allowed escape from prosecution for war crimes."

Yes, the Knights of Malta helped many dangerous Nazi war criminals to escape justice during and after World War Two. Yes, even many U.S. based Knights of Malta members helped the Nazi war criminals to escape justice and ultimately created a safe haven for them within the United States.

The preceding information should be kept in mind, for it directly relates to information presented later in this discussion.


The webpages below present oaths of just some of the secret societies and secret military organizations which freely operate within the United States and much of the world. The oaths of the Jesuits, the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Malta are all very close in nature. Why? Because they are all military style Catholic organizations.

Included in the Oath of the Knights of Columbus is the following: "I do now denounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince, or State, named Protestant or Liberals, or obedience to any of their laws, magistrates, or officers." "That I will provide myself with arms and ammunition that I may be in readiness when the word is passed, or I am commanded to defend the church either as an individual or with the militia of the Pope." The oath of the Knights of Malta is of a similar nature.

By what is stated in the oaths presented in the webpages linked above, it appears that the army of a foreign power is freely operating within the borders of the United States of America. A number of the members of this foreign army are U.S. government officials. Because of their oath of allegiance to a foreign power, it appears they would sell out the citizens of the United States without a moment's notice.


The webpages linked below indicate that the Jesuits (also part of a foreign power) are in control of the Knight of Malta. By this avenue also, certain U.S. government officials (and even certain State government officials) are in submission to, and under the control of, a foreign power and the Jesuits.

With the above thought in mind, events occurring in our country, which are presented later in this discussion, tend to make much more sense. Now, it is time for the webpages which indicate that the Knights of Malta are in submission to the Jesuits.


President John F. Kennedy was vilely assassinated in 1963. Yes, he was murdered in cold blood by a group of conspirators. President Kennedy knew too much about what was going on in our world and was doing his best not to go along with the evil. It appears that he wanted to do that which was best for the citizens of the United States.

The following words of President Kennedy are found at the beginning of the webpage linked below. He proclaimed: "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence - on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day."

Kennedy continued: "It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."

Yes, there is, indeed, a large story to be told about the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy. At this time, the words found above, from President Kennedy, are also found within the webpages linked below.


The first webpage linked below notes the subservience of the Knights of Malta to the Jesuit General. It declares: "The Knights of Malta ... are the premiere secret society of the Vatican these days, but they are subservient to the Jesuit General. Many of America and the Western World's power elite are Knights of Malta."

The second webpage linked below, at the bottom of page 2 and on page 3, indicates that the OSS and the CIA was set up via the Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta. William Joseph ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, the founder and head of the OSS, was a Knights of Malta member. So was Allen Dulles, who headed the CIA. The third webpage linked below, under the heading 'Jesuits', indicates that the FBI was founded and headed by members of the Knights of Malta.

The fourth webpage linked below declares: "The Jesuit General is in complete control of the international intelligence community: that’s the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS. The Jesuit General is in COMPLETE CONTROL of the entire intelligence apparatus—FBI, every bureaucratic agency in this country, all of it; he is in complete control of it." This brings up a logical question. Should we call the CIA the Catholic Intelligence Agency? In whose best interest is it working?

The fourth webpage declares further: "Now, the CIA was composed of the SS. The CIA now was an arm — and the intelligence arm — of the Vatican. The Knights of Malta were throughout. Casey was a Knight of Malta. Angleton was a Knight of Malta. The Knights were through and through. Angleton manned the "Vatican desk", and that is a desk within the CIA that has a direct link to the Vatican."


The section above declares that "The Jesuit General is in complete control of the international intelligence community..." This is a very important point to remember, especially when the acts of the CIA are noted later in this discussion.

The questionable acts of the CIA, acts which appear to be working against the best interests of the citizens of the United States, make much more sense when a person realizes who the CIA is really working for: who, rather than legitimate U.S. citizens and the legitimate Constitutional government of the United States.


Obama spoke strongly of change in his campaign for the presidency. Let us now look historically at change in the United States: change which has at times tended toward enslaving and impoverishing American citizens. Some of the changes have worked toward taking away their freedoms. Let us, as time allows, look at who has often been behind this detrimental change.

The webpage linked below declares the prior to World War One, there was none of the following: "No Federal Reserve Bank - banking power was decentralized and thus much more democratic. No IRS - wages of workers were not taxed! All federal revenues came from levies on imports. Personal financial matters were entirely private. No national propaganda office - example: the Kreel Committee created to "sell" the war to a skeptical public."

Prior to World War One, generally speaking, it appears that things were operating more closely with what the Constitution of the United States of America and the founding fathers of this great nation had originally intended.


With the First World War foisted on the American people, the elite controllers and manipulators brought the Federal Reserve Bank into the United States: a bank which is not Federal at all, but rather is privately owned and controlled by foreign interests. They brought in the IRS to help burden and terrorize citizens with tax issues: over tax issues which the founding fathers of this great nation never intended to be borne by a free people.

At this point, one more comment may be in order. There are those who claim that the IRS is not even a legitimate part of the Constitutional or legitimate government of the United States of America. For a presentation by just one individual of that persuation, simply see the webpage linked below. Possibly there is some food for thought in the webpage.


In our day, the internationalists have proclaimed "free trade." In the process, they have removed the important, Constitutionally required levies on imports. The levies were intended, by the Constitution and according to the founding fathers, to help protect our industry and our economy. With the removal of the levies by the internationalists who have hijacked our government, our industry and economy has suffered.

Now the citizens of the United States are, more and more, enslaved under tax burdens which, according to the founding fathers of this great nation and according to the Constitution of the United States, were to be paid by foreigners desiring to sell their products within the United States. Truly, changes made by the elite have not tended to work in the best interests of the average citizens of the United States.


Looking once again to the webpage called 'A Force Greater than the United States', linked further above, let us consider its statements. It appears that, at times, those in government positions tend to spew out their twisted propoganda. It appears that those in positions of power within government may even deceive the citizens of the United States: they may deceive them in ways which ultimately place the citizens further into bondage. Truly, this is all just another part of the silent war on citizens.


It is time to consider what is subtily being forced on the American people via the deceptive Obama health care agenda. It appears that is is much more than just health care. It appears that people who do not go along with the forced health care agenda could end up in jail. Others propose measures which are reminiscent of measures used in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

This is really change in our supposed land of freedom. It is a major departure from the individual freedom which the founding fathers of this great nation intended for U.S. citizens. It appears that the "vice" is truly being tightened. Yes, this is just another part of the silent war on citizens.

For information on the possibility of jail and other measures being used against individuals who oppose the health care tax, just click on the links below.

Actually, it appears there is much more to this story of forced medical care, as should become much clearer later in this discussion.


In the webpage linked below, Obama is claiming there is problems in U.S. government. He desires for there to be change. But, is he just a part of the problem or is he one who is truly working hard in the best interests of the general citizenry?

Is Obama someone who is working hard for change which is beneficial for the general populace and a sovereign nation at large, or is he simply a puppet for the elite internationalists who are enemies of the true intent of our legitimate Constitution? Yes, is he simply working for change which will benefit the elite controllers who are working to bring our great nation under one world domination?


It is time for a reality check. Is there the potential that a number of our politicians, plus those in other government positions, are intentionally not doing their legitimate job in order to turn U.S. citizens against their form of government? May they be working to turn the people even against the legitimate form of government which is shown in the Constitution?

It appears that political criminals and derelicts in government may be working in the interests of a foreign power. It appears the politicians may be just pulling a charade on the general public. Just look at our business and economy, plus the high unemployment. What are the politicians, including Obama, truly doing to rectify the situation?

It appears that the politicians just want to break the American people down so they will become fed up with government as it is, and work to throw out our legitimate Constitution along with the unconstitutional government which now exists. Possibly the politicians and world powers are subtily working to usher in a new Dark Ages. More on this issue later in the discussion.

The average citizen, because of being grossly manipulated by those in positions of power, will very likely help to bring in a government which is even more despotic than the one which now exists. Possibly they will help usher in a Nazi or brutal Communist type government or one which operates similar to the Inquisition: yes, a papal government.


It appears that many government officials and other organizations are all steadily working together to bring the world under another form of government. Because many of these people appear to be members of a foreign power, it appears they are steadily working to usher in Roman Catholic or Jesuit rule.

The powers which be appear to be working to get people to give up their rights. Yes, it is very likely that history may once again repeat itself. Historically, under papal rule, those who do not submit to the despotic papal rule may ultimately be persecuted, brutally tortured or killed.

At this point, it should be noted that the billionaires of this world, plus other people and organizations, have been talking about drastically reducing the population of this earth. Is this all just part of the plan under papal or Jesuit rule? More will be presented on this issue later.

According to the prophecies found in the Bible, it appears that the worldwide genocide will produce about the biggest mass extermination which this earth has ever seen. If an end were not put to it, the human race would become extinct.


There are many good and decent people who are Catholics. A good share of the lower level people in the Catholic church have no clue what their hierarchy is truly up to. Yes, they appear to be like sheep who are taken advantage of by the elitist controllers. Others in that organization may simply be living in denial, while others are utterly deceived by the cunning hierarchy.

In relation to what the Catholic organization is doing to the people of this earth, the Bible declares: "...For by thy sorceries were all nations deceived." (Revelation 18:23) In the ultimate end, we will find out the truth regarding the Catholic organization, when God begins to strongly judge it with his mighty power.

Truly, there are a number of decent people within the Catholic church who have hearts which desire the true way of God. Possibly that is why the Bible proclaims: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Revelation 18:4)

On the other hand, I must relate an experience. In the 1950s, a relative of the writer's went to work for a large electronics company near Portland, Oregon, USA. A fellow worker, who was a Catholic, told this relative that if it were not for the laws of the land, he (the Catholic) would be justified in killing the writer's relative. This is the mentality of some whom we are dealing with, even today.


It may become apparent during this discussion that the elite controllers and internationalists behind world affairs are not bound by party lines, nor are they bound by allegiance to any country. They may use Fascists, Communists, Republicans or Democrats, or an array of other political persuasions, plus Protestants, Catholics or members of any other religion, as pawns for their purpose.

It appears that the elitist controllers use all tools at their disposal to obtain and maintain their despotic power. It appears they are masters of deception. It appears they also use any available tool to help propagate the silent war on citizens of virtually the whole world.

It appears that one of the main goals of the elite internationalist controllers, regarding the United States, is to cause it to become completely "derailed" from being a sovereign nation, plus derail it from the true path which leads to liberty and freedom: the fullness of that liberty and freedom which was intended for all legal U.S. citizens by the founders of this great nation.


The discussion which follows is presented in a very open, blunt and straight-forward manner. It is not "sugar coated" in any manner. In our day of feel-good "political correctness," this report may appear as being somewhat harsh and brutal. By the time you have read the full discussion, with the supporting linked information, you may realize the necessity for presenting the information with such bluntness.

Only an informed, "non-sugar-coated" public can properly work toward combatting the silent and sinister war which is being prepared and propagated on citizens and our legitimate country. Only a clear-thinking and informed public can work toward confounding the criminal element which is busily working to create instability in our world, plus working to propagate their devastation and enslavement upon our world.


Once again, there will be a considerable amount of history presented in this discussion. For a person to truly understand where they and their country are headed, plus the implications of the silent war on citizens, first, a person must realize where they are now "located" in history. They must understand what is truly going on around them and the implications of it. Then, they must look back to the past which is behind them.

By using the two reference points of the present and the past, an individual may ascertain, to a reasonable degree, where the world is headed and what the future may hold: both for them and for their country. With the preceding thoughts in mind, let us now begin to look at some very important words of wisdom regarding the United States: words which were written many years ago.


Many words of wisdom regarding the United States were written by George Washington. Some of his important words regarding the National Government, written in 1786, are found in the document linked below. The national government which existed at that time, under the Articles of Confederation, did have some serious errors and major flaws.

The serious flaws in the National Government, which existed under the Articles of Confederation, were fixed to a much greater degree under the Constitution of the United States of America, which Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787 and ratified by the States on June 21, 1788. This is the Constitution under which the United States is now supposed to exist. But let us return to the words of George Washington, for they may have application for us in our day.

In the document linked below, George Washington proclaimed: "I think often of our situation and view it with concern. From the high ground on which we stood -- from the plain path which invited our footsteps, to be so fallen! -- so lost! is really mortifying. But virtue, I fear, has, in a great degree, taken its departure from our Land, and the want of disposition to do justice is the source of the national embarrassments; for under whatever guise or colorings are given to them, this, I apprehend, is the origin of the evils we now feel, and probably shall labour for some time yet."


Once again, George Washington declared: "From the high ground on which we stood -- from the plain path which invited our footsteps, to be so fallen! -- so lost! is really mortifying." There had been a great vision for the United States: a vision which showed the potential for one of the most incredible nations which had ever existed on the face of this earth.

There was, indeed, a plain path which invited the footsteps of all citizens: a path which could readily lead to prosperity and tranquility, with liberty and justice for all. But the people, to a large degree, had fallen away from this plain path. Yes, it appears they had become utterly lost: far away from the path on which they were supposed to be walking. Because the people had left the true way, according to George Washington, virtue, and indeed goodness, had largely departed from the Land.

These words from George Washington definitely apply to us of this day and age. It appears we have failed to follow the "road map" established by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution of the United States of America. As a result, virtue and goodness has, to a great degree, left our land. Look how the politicians appear to be playing games with the people and our country. Look at all the unemployment! Look at the economy! Look at all the crime! Look at all the ruined lives! Look at all the discontent! Need I say more?


In the third paragraph of the document linked below, George Washington wrote, in regards to the Massachusetts constitution: "What, gracious God, is man! that there should be such inconsistency and perfidiousness in his conduct? It is but the other day, that we were shedding our blood to obtain the Constitutions under which we now live; Constitutions of our own choice and making; and now we are unsheathing the sword to overturn them. The thing is so unaccountable, that I hardly know how to realize it, or to persuade myself that I am not under the illusion of a dream."


It appears that humanity can be somewhat unstable and rather changeable. It appears that humans are not always content, even when good things are reigning over them. In many cases, they seem to always be looking for something different. It appears they can be rather easily deceived into giving up things which are very good for them. And so it appears to be the case regarding the Constitution of the United States.

Unfortunately, it appears there are quite a few Americans who do not fully understand, nor even care to understand, the true intent and meaning of the Constitution of the United States. It appears that many people virtually despise the Constitution and its true intents.

It appears that many people are readily deceived and willing to give away their freedoms and protections which are guaranteed by the Constitution. It appears they are also readily willing to help give away the freedoms of virtually everyone else. It appears they are turning away from the Constitution and turning toward something else. Possibly it is because they are misguided by their own ignorance and by the ignorance of those associated with them.

There seem to be many who want to disregard the clear declarations of the Constitution. They want to disregard what this country is truly supposed to be about. It appears they want to drag our country in a direction which truly is against the Constitution and its intents. In the process, a considerable amount of instability is being created within our country.

Ultimately, we may find that certain people have taken our country, or hijacked our country, and brought it in a direction which is not at all in the best interests of the general public at large. In the midst of all this, it appears the general public has allowed it all to happen. They have steadily allowed their freedoms to be eroded away by the cunning manipulators of our world.


Once again, there seems to be a strong movement today which desires to cast away the Constitution of the United States of America and set up a new form of government. There appears to be a number of people who are dissatified with what the U.S. government now is, and want a serious and major change. Yes, they want something totally different. But, some serious thought needs to go into this situation.

The problem in the United States appears to be that the government and its controllers have gotten far away from the important "roadmap" which helps guide to general prosperity and tranquility. It appears that the people or politicians placed in positions of power, for the purpose of upholding the Constitution and its true intent, unfortunately, have not always done a diligent job of upholding the true purpose or intent of that Constitution.

In many cases, it appears that public officials have utterly misrepresented that legitimate form of government which was established by the Constitution of the United States of America. In many cases, it appears that they totally and possibly intentionally misinterpret the Constitution and make it appear as being something undesirable. Therefore, let us look beyond any derelict politicians and look, for ourselves, to what was really intended for the United States by its founders.


The only change which we truly need in the United States is a serious change back to the legitimate principles and precepts of the Constitution of the United States of America. We need a change back to our true and legitimate foundation. Regarding the economy, we need a change back to the use of legitimate money in the United States. The Constitution requires the use of only silver and gold for money within our country.

Silver and gold, if properly handled, is less prone to inflation or deflation by manipulators. Silver and gold can help to bring stability to the economy of individuals. In the last century, the manipulative international bankers did everything they could to eliminate the gold standard and the use of only silver and gold for money. For that point onward, they have played economic games with the citizens of the United States.

Let us never consider casting off the legitimate government set up by the Constitution of the United States, but let us work to remove all enemies of our legitimate system from any positions of power and influence over the citizens, government or economy of the United States. Let us work to return once again to relative peace, prosperity and tranquility for our country, our people and our world. Let us also work hard to put an end to the silent and sinister war upon our citizens and upon citizens of virtually the whole world.


The author fully believes in the United States of America and its legitimate government. He also believes in the founding principles of this great nation. He believes that an excellent country and governmental system was set up under the Constitution: one which he is proud of. He believes that the Constitution of the United States of American and its legitimate form of government is about the best which this world has to offer.

The author appreciates the true and legitimate citizens of the United States, but has a problem with the elite criminal element which is working hard to undermine and virtually destroy and hijack this country. This discussion mainly addresses this criminal element and their pawns and associates, plus their silent war against the citizens of the United States, plus citizens of virtually the whole world.


The founding fathers and the Constitution of the United States set up a very unique government. The intended government had an important system of checks and balances in place. An important purpose for these checks and balances was to help retain freedom and liberty for the citizens. The system, as originally set up, is shown on the webpage linked below.

To help create checks and balances, and to help facilitate keeping the United States on its proper course, the founding fathers set up only three different branches to our legitimate government. These branches were the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial. The founding fathers set up a relatively simple government.

The founding fathers of the United States did not intend for there to be the multi-faceted bureaucracy which now exists: that bureaucracy which steadily erodes individual liberty and freedom. They did not intend for games to be played with the citizens, which games appear to be commonplace today.

If each branch of government was actually doing the job intended by the founding fathers, the country could readily be kept on its proper path: that path which does lead to general prosperity, contentment, freedom, liberty and justice for all. But, there is more to consider in this story.


The webpages linked below include an important declaration by Thomas Jefferson. This man was one of the founding fathers of this great nation, plus the author of the Declaration of Independence.

Jefferson, regarding himself and government officials in general, clearly declared: "If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”

To help keep the pack of wolves at bay, and to help the people retain their freedom, Jefferson also wrote the following words, found in the webpage linked below: "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive."

Only by keeping alive the spirit of resistance can the citizens of this great land ever hope to keep at bay the large wolf pack and help to defuse the silent and deadly war on citizens. Only by keeping educated and informed can the citizens ever hope to retain their individual liberty and freedom.


Now it is time for another important lesson from history. It is time to look at the human heart and what it is capable of. For what it is worth, the ancient writing found in the webpage linked below declares: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"

Truly, who can know the deceitfulness, depravity and desparate wickedness which can come from the human heart? Yes, history can help clarify this matter. There are, indeed, many examples to draw from.


When the appropriate checks and balances are not in place and functioning correctly within a society, civilization or even an organization, history clearly shows what can come out of the human heart: especially out of the heart of the ruling class and those in control of them.

When people, or a group of people, get too much unchecked power, history clearly shows that they can readily become more and more aggressive and oppressive. As they become more aggressive and oppressive, it seems they may ultimately tend to go on a killing spree of one form or another. The result is often mass murder and genocide.

At this point, it is time for history to begin speaking clearly to us, that we may learn its lessons. Throughout the discussion which follows, let us consider one important fact: history seems to have a tendency of repeating itself. Human nature and history appear to go in cycles.


As we shall see later in this discussion, the ultra-rich elite and the internationalists are already talking about, and actually have been working together to, drastically reduce the population of this earth. Yes, these people are part of the eugenics movement: that movement which was also behind Adolph Hitler and his blatant acts of murder and genocide.

But, there appears to be much more to this story. The ultra-rich elite and the internationalists may not have come upon this thinking all by themselves. They may simply be following orders which they have been given by their controllers. The ultra-rich are not at the pinnacle of power, but they appear to be in submission to another international power. More on this issue later.


It is time to examine a sensitive subject which may be objectionable to many. That is the subject of human sacrifice. Unfortunately, human sacrifice has often been adopted in one form or another by the ruling elite of various cultures: ours being no exception.

The first webpage linked below notes that "political theories have been proposed explaining human sacrifice as a political tool for intimidating and controlling subordinate or potentially hostile peoples."

The second webpage linked below appears to be a Marxist production which cannot refrain from taking a stab at capitalism. Nevertheless, it speaks about the purpose of human sacrifice done under Aztec rule. The third webpage below adds further details.


The webpage immediately above makes some interesting statements regarding the thought behind human sacrifice: one being, "People needed to be sacrificed so that others may live." Could this be some of the thought which is now behind the elite's silent and sinister war on citizens? Is there the potential that it could all be part of an ancient, satanic-style of ritual?

The webpage above indicates that the Aztec elite "feared the end of the universe:" that being part of their expressed reasoning for performing a large amount of human sacrifice, or more clearly, an incredibly large amount of cold-blooded murder.

Does the above nature of thinking sound similar to the elite of our day and their expressed fear about climate change, which they claim could bring about the end of civilization as we know it? Therefore, the elite appear to be using the "climate change" excuse as a cover for propagating a form of genocide, with the intended purpose of drastically reducing the population of this earth.


There may be more to the desire of the elite, more to their desire for drastically reducing the population of this earth, than commonly meets the eye. Possibly the elite simply want to reduce the population of the earth to a number which they can more easily control.

On the other hand, possibly the elite manipulators are beginning to fear a more informed public and what their response may eventually be toward the murderous ways of certain groups of controllers and manipulators. Possibly that is why a number of them want to separate citizens from their rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Keeping all things discussed so far clearly in mind, let us now consider more fully the elite of our day and age, and also the elite from relatively recent history. Let us begin to examine some rather major events from history to see what lessons can be learned about unchecked power.


It appears that when certain individuals have virtually total power over others, a very base nature can eventually be presented. The webpages linked below present information mainly about members of the Catholic hierarchy who have or are abusing their positions of power by abusing children and women, sexually or otherwise.

The first webpage linked below declares: "Rape and sexual molestation were 'endemic' in Irish Catholic church-run industrial schools and orphanages, a report revealed today." "The report concluded that when confronted with evidence of sex abuse, religious authorities responded by transferring offenders to another location, where in many instances they were free to abuse again."

The third webpage below declares: "Sexual abuse of minors in the priesthood has received significant media attention in Canada, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Belgium, France, and Germany, while cases have been reported throughout the world."

The list of abuses with the Catholic Church's sphere of power could go on and on. These abuses appear to be a result of depravity and unchecked power. At this point, a question needs to be asked. Does the Catholic church have a rather long history of abuse, violence, brutality or even murder?

The next sections present history which should help give a better picture on this matter of unchecked power and abuse in and by the Catholic church. This information should be kept in mind as we examine further the silent war on citizens.


When certain groups of people obtain unchecked power, once again, they may ultimately tend to go on a spree of persecution, brutal and sadistic torture or killing to eliminate any competition. Possibly they enjoy the feeling of pure, unbridled barbaric power. Possibly they enjoy the feeling of brutal dictatorship.

Let us now begin to look at history for what it really is. Let us look to some very important examples from history. The webpages linked below present information about the Inquisition, that horrendous event which was perpetrated by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. During the Inquisition, many victims were brutally tortured, ripped apart and murdered.


History indicates that the Catholic hierarchy can put on a friendly face when they do not have the ultimate control or power. But history also indicates, over and over again, that when they are at the pinnacle of power, the friendly face may suddenly disappear and the brutality may soon come out.

Let us now turn to further examples of unchecked power and the brutality which can be a result, even in more modern times.


The article linked below does present some very valuable information, but there is one thing which must be noted. This article speaks about the "Christians" and the atrocities which they have done. But, a distinction must be made here. There are many people and groups who are into church-ianity, and much fewer, indeed, who are into genuine Christianity. Just because something is called Christian does not mean it truly is.

Regarding the barbaric acts of the Roman Catholic church during the time of Hitler, the article below declares: "Many of the priests took a leading role! Monks and priests worked as executioners in hastily set up concentration camps where they massacred Serbs. These killings had gotten so brutal that even the Nazis protested against them."

Yes, this brutality was the result of unchecked power by those who were not following Christ.

The article linked above declares: "At no time did the Vatican make an attempt to halt the forced conversions [in Croatia], appropriation of Orthodox property, or the mass killings. Croat priests had not only sympathized with the fascist massacres but took part in them." "Many went around routinely armed and performed their murderous acts with zeal."

The article above then goes even further to describe the nature of some of the atrocities which occurred during the World War Two era, plus photographs of the atrocities, performed under the guidance of the Catholics. At this point we should get very realistic. Has human nature been getting better since the World War Two era, or, is it pretty much the same? Could what happened in the past potentially happen again?


The webpages linked below provide further information regarding the union between the Catholic church and the Nazis. The first article linked below declares that Hitler was "born and bred a Catholic." Regarding Hitler, the article declares that "in persecuting Jews, he repeatedly proclaimed he was doing the 'Lord's work.'" Once again, this was the work of unchecked and perverted power.

The second article linked below declares: "After quickly eliminating the relatively few Jews in their country, the Roman Catholic leaders of Croatia unleashed such mindless fury on their other non-Catholic neighbors that even their German Nazi allies were appalled." This article goes on to declare the names of the different Catholic Nazi leaders: leaders who appear to have been operating with unchecked power.

The article linked above, regarding Catholic Nazi leaders, declares: "To be sure, the Roman Catholic Church wants to distance itself from all of these monsters now, but it made no attempt to do so at the time, when it could have made a tremendous impact."

Why did not the Catholic Church protest against the atrocities occurring under the Nazis? Could the barbaric leaders have actually been performing the true desires of the Roman Catholic Church? This issue may be examined to a greater degree later in this discussion.


The article linked below declares: "It has been more than half a century since the end of World War II and the numbers of people with contemporary knowledge of events as they happened in the Balkans are dwindling. For some time now, Vatican spin doctors have been busily creating a revised history that paints an image of Roman Catholic Church involvement in ethnic cleansing and other atrocities far different from documented reality."

The article declares: "The recent apology by Pope John Paul II holds little weight with the heirs and few elderly survivors of one of the bloodiest chapters in the Roman Catholic Church, the 1941-1945 atrocities by the Croatian Nazis known as the Ustashe.
"In April 1941, multi-ethnic Yugoslavia fell to the Nazis who wasted no time in installing the fanatical Ante Pavlic's Catholic Ustashe in power in Croatia. With the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church and the active participation of clergy, especially Franciscan monks, the Ustashe killed 750,000 Serbs, Jews, and Roma in an orgy of violence that shocked even some of the Germans and revolted their Italian allies."

The article linked above declares: "Nearly half of the 22 concentration camps in Fascist Independent State of Croatia, during WWII were headed by Croatian Roman Catholic clergy." "Led by Archbishop Stepinac, the Catholic Church was deeply involved in the Holocaust in Yugoslavia - its bishops and priests openly supported the murderous regime of Ante Pavelic, the wartime Croatian leader who pursued a ruthless policy of "kill a third, deport a third, and convert a third" of all the Serbs, Jews and Roma of Croatia and Bosnia."

There is much to consider in the article above regarding unchecked and unbridled power. There is much to consider about that which can come out of the human heart under certain conditions. In all of this we must realize a simple truth. History tends to indicate that religious hierarchies can be just as depraved as any other individual or organization upon this earth. Yes, unchecked and perverted power is truly dangerous and can often bring out the worst in humans. And yes, history can readily repeat itself.


The Time Magazine article linked below speaks of representatives from certain countries meeting in Rome in 1933: yes, prior to World War Two.

The article declares: "First object of the von Papen-Goring pilgrimage was to prepare the way for a later trip by Adolf Hitler in person, and to start negotiations for a Vatican-Nazi concordat. Second objective was far more serious to the peace of Europe: revival of the old pre-War Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria and Italy, strengthened by separate concordats with the Vatican."

Yes, history tends to indicate that the Catholic church, with its often unchecked power, allied itself with the Fascist powers in Europe prior to World War Two. It appears that the Concordats with Rome helped to strengthen the brutal Fascist powers and give them a type of legitimacy.

The article above declares: "A conference of German bishops announced that good Catholics need no longer abstain from National Socialism." The way was paved by the Catholic hierarchy for the rise and strengthening of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi atrocities.


The article linked below makes some very interesting statements. It declares that: "The Jesuits had secretly prepared World War II, and Hitler's war machine was built and financed by the Vatican to conquer the world for Roman Catholicism. Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco were to be the defenders of the faith. They were set up to win and conquer the world, and set up a millennium for the pope."

Could there be any validity to the above statements? Are there any indicators in history which may help guide us to the truth on this matter? Does Rome have a record of trying to reconquer and control the world after the fall of the old Roman Empire, by whatever means they have at their disposal? Let us, once again, begin to learn whatever lessons which history may teach us.


The Third Reich is a common term in history. It denotes the powerful world system formed around Hitler and the Nazis. It appears that this Third Reich was meant to conquer the whole world. Now, there was a Third Reich, but what about the First and Second Reichs? Let us examine what they were, and the nature of them, that we may better understand what the future may hold for our world.


The first article linked below states that the German word 'reich' generally means 'empire'. The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire. It existed from the year 800 AD to 1806 AD. It was during this time that the Catholic church perpetrated its brutal and deadly Crusades on those it considered its enemies or those it considered to be heretics. Introductory information about the Crusades is presented in the second and third webpages linked below.

The two articles linked below show that the Roman Catholic pope, Leo III, originally created the Holy Roman Empire after he got himself into trouble with the citizens of Italy. The pope created the empire by crowning the powerful Germanic leader Charlemagne as the first emperor. Later, the original Holy Roman Empire had a problem and came virtually apart. Later, another pope, John XII, fell into problems with the citizens of Italy and went running off to appeal to another strong German leader for help.

The second article linked below shows that in 962, pope John XII crowns the German leader Otto I as the new leader of the revived Holy Roman Empire. The Catholic empire was now rejuvinated and would ultimately last for many more centuries. There is a lot of interesting history in the third article below. It shows the struggle which the pope seems to pursue for earthly power and control.

Yes, the pope and his people appear to have an insatiable lust for power. It appears that in their pursuit of earthly power, they are often associated with and allied to powerful German rulers. This was also true regarding Hitler and the Nazis.

Now for a quick comment on the Second Reich. The Second Reich was created after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. The Second Reich is called the German Empire. It existed from 1871 to 1918.


The webpage linked below tends to make things somewhat clear regarding what Adolf Hitler was up to and what his Nazi war was all about. After the death of Hitler, the Fascist dictator of Spain, General Franco, declared the following:

"Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory."

Franco believed that Hitler, yes, even with his torture and extermination camps, plus utter brutality, was defending Christianity. What Franco really meant was Hitler was defending Catholicism. There is a vast difference between true Christianity and Catholicism. Nevertheless, it appears that Hitler was perpetrating a holy war for the Vatican.


The webpage linked in the section above presents some interesting information. It declares: "Before World War II, there was an openly fascist political organization in Spain named Falange. The entire Catholic Youth Organization joined the Falange. General Franco’s brother in law, Serrano Suner, was the Catholic Youth secretary, and most of Robles followers also joined. The Falange employed the successful tactics of the Italian fascists and Nazis: physical violence."

It appears that the Catholic Youth became just another form of Hitler Youth. Yes, the Catholics, employing unbridled and unchecked power, used one of their popular tools: physical violence. Yes, the Catholics and the Nazis were indeed working together, toward the same end.


The webpage, linked two sections above, called 'General Franco: "Hitler fought for Christianity in Europe"', presents even more interesting information. It appears the pope was fully behind Fascism.

The article declares: "When the people of Spain resisted the fascist takeover, Pius XI spoke out strongly, calling everyone who was not a fascist a Bolshevik, and blessing 'all those who have taken the difficult and dangerous task to defend and reinstate the honor of God and Religion.''

From the above statement, one point becomes very apparent. Fascism, along with its horrid history of brutality, appears to be a tool used for defending, or more accurately, reinstating or forcing upon peoples the religion of Catholicism. It appears Fascism is used by Catholicism for gaining and maintaining its control over people and countries: indeed, if possible, control over the whole world.


The truth about the Catholic church and the Nazis working together becomes even more clear when one considers how the Catholic church helped many Nazi war criminals escape justice, via the Rat Lines which were operated by the Catholics. Yes, they were protecting their close friends and religious allies. The Catholic Rat Lines will be examined a little later in this discussion.


The articles below show one small example of how the Catholic church was allied with Hitler and the Nazis during the World War Two era in the form of the brutal and deadly Ustasha/Ustase. Indeed, many atrocities were done by this combined group of people. For an introduction to the brutal attrocities done by the Catholic church during this time period, simply click on the buttons below.

The first webpage linked below makes some very interesting statements. Some of the statements which it makes is backed up by further documentation later in this discussion. Possibly its information may be worth checking further. The second webpage, though unusual, may have some merit. It comments on the Ustashi, plus many other issues.


As seen earlier in this discussion, the First Reich, the Holy Roman Empire, was in place from the year 800 AD to 1806 AD. It is time to refresh our memory. During the time of the Holy Roman Empire, the Roman Catholics perpetrated a number of Crusades: wars to conquer as much of the world as possible and force it under the control of Roman Catholicism.

During the period of the Holy Roman Empire (the First Reich), the Catholic church perpetrated brutal crusades against the people of the Eastern Orthodox Church. It basically amounted to a bloody war by the Catholics over who was the true church. Information about these crusades is presented in the webpages linked below.

Let us look at the starting words of the first Wikipedia article linked below. It is declared: "The Crusades were a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns, called by the pope and waged by kings and nobles who volunteered to take up the cross..." In other words, the elite of these earlier times wanted to wage war upon this world, at the direction of the pope, to conquer and support his empire. This appears to be what happened also with Hitler and the Nazis.

The first article below continues: "The Crusades were fought mainly by Roman Catholics against Muslims and Greek Orthodox Christians in Byzantium, with smaller campaigns waged against pagan Slavs, pagan Balts, Mongols, and Christian heretics." Looking further into the article, the term 'Crusades' is also "used to describe contemporaneous and subsequent campaigns ... against pagans, heretics, and peoples under the ban of excommunication for a mixture of religious, economic, and political reasons."

The above statements tend to indicate what the Catholic church has been doing virtually all along upon this earth. It appears they have a track record of brutality, plus forcing their religion on others by whatever means they have at their disposal. Now, for the linked articles.


It appears that the Catholics have used whatever pawns they can find to expand or force their religion on others. The webpage linked below is an example where the Swedish people were used on a Crusade to force Catholicism on peoples of a different faith. In the webpage, a Swedish Crusader told a Russian envoy: "Adopt my faith, or I will march against you with my whole force." The webpage continues: "As the Swedes advanced, they offered the natives the choice of death or conversion."


Indeed, it appears the Catholic church has a long history of being a very brutal and bloody force upon this earth. Later in this discussion, especially as this discussion is updated, we may see how this evil and bloody force relates to the ongoing silent war against citizens.


The first webpage linked below speaks about the Huguenot massacre which the Jesuits engineered in France, in 1572. The preceding discussion has already made plain that the Jesuits are a full military order which is connected to, and is virtually in control of, the Roman Catholic church. Note in the first webpage that, as a result of the Reformation, "A great change had come over the people as industry and learning began to flourish." By the massacre arranged by the Jesuits, the progress in France came to a rapid end.

The second webpage linked below declares: "As a military order, they fought many open political wars with European Kings, Queens and statesmen. Their favored tool against such power was assassination. Because of their small numbers, they became experts on poisoning and all known methods of assassination."

The webpages below are simply an introduction to some of the wars instigated by the Jesuits. These pages contain a considerable amount of food for thought. Some of the material may appear as being somewhat "off the wall" to some. Nevertheless, the material may be worth examining for any valuable tidbits of information.

The information in the webpages below may help to explain some of the problems we are currently dealing with in our world: problems which ultimately affect our lives virtually every day. They may also help to partially explain the wars and economic problems upon this earth.


The webpages below indicate that there is a continuing Catholic Inquisition which is being perpetrated by the Vatican. The first webpage speaks of 700,000 Serbs who were murdered by Catholics in Croatia between 1940 and 1945. The webpages help to obtain a picture of what the Vatican may really be all about.


The webpages below speak of the union between Catholics and Muslims, which appears to have produced one of the most savagely brutal, murderous groups of people in all of history. It appears that even Nazi officials in Berlin were horrified by the beastly acts of this bloodthirsty group of killers.

When the brutal and blood orgy was over with the Nazis, it appears that the Catholics desired to help their Nazi friends and cohorts escape the long arm of the law. At that time, the Catholic Ratlines went into operation.


The Catholic hierarchy established a network of safe houses and escape routes for smuggling their Nazi friends out of Europe near the end of and following World War Two. The webpage linked below, called 'Ghosts of the Ratlines', declares: "This covert network allowed safe haven in monasteries and other church facilities, and used church manpower to facilitate the escape of countless thousands of Nazis to Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Australia and even the United States of America."

The webpage linked below, called 'Tied up in the Rat Lines', declares: "Senior officials at the Vatican were involved in hiding and smuggling Nazi war criminals and their collaborators so they would not be arrested and tried. Hundreds of war criminals were provided with church and Red Cross papers that enabled them to hide in safe houses and then flee from Europe, mainly to the Middle East and South America."

The webpage called 'Vatican Ratlines For Nazis After WW II' declares: "The average person is also probably unaware that the current pope, Joseph Ratzinger, was connected to the operations of the Vatican ratlines network of Nazi escape routes." The webpage below, called 'The Catholic Church and the Nazi Ratlines', declares: "One of the ratlines actually ran through the Vatican itself, and escaping Nazis were disguised as priests to faciliate their relocation to South America, the United States and elsewhere around the globe."

The webpage noted in the above paragraph also declares: "The Catholic priests who helped the Nazis, did so in a big way. They turned more than a blind eye to the criminal pasts of those they helped, and it is fair to say that without the assistance of such priests, the Nazis could never have fled Europe in such vast numbers."


This discussion notes the Nazi war criminals who were illegally smuggled into the United States during the World War Two era. A number of these Nazi war criminals were ones which had performed brutal and gruesome human experimentations under the Hitler regime, or were involved with brutal and deadly, forced slave labor. These Nazi war criminals were considered to be the enemies of humanity.

It appears that a number of the Nazis war criminals, including cold-blooded murderers, were placed in positions of power and authority in the United States. They were placed in these positions by certain individuals who were supposed to be working in the best interests of the U.S. government and its legitimate citizens.

Yes, certain individuals in positions of power were supposed to be U.S. citizens working for the U.S. government and its citizens, when in fact, it appears they were working strongly for the Nazis. In other words, they were traitors to our country and to our people. In our day, we are now living with the effects of these treasonous acts. These acts, in part, are related to the silent war on citizens.


It is time to get a better understanding of the mentality behind Nazism. Adolf Hitler wrote a book called 'Mein Kampf' in which is declared some of the basic thought behind Nazism. Hitler's thoughts are spoken about in the portion of the book 'America Betrayed', which is accessed via the link below.

The book declares: "Hitler believed in the power of terror. Terrorism works." As Hitler wrote: "Terrorism is a form of propaganda. It is a political weapon that can be used to instill fear, horror and indignation, and to sap and destroy the will of a people.

Hitler wrote his thoughts: "Cruelty is impressive. Cruelty and brutal strength. The masses want it. They demand it. They need the thrill of terror to make them shudderingly submissive." "The joy of killing brings men together." "Hate, hate, and more hate. There is nothing that sustains you like hate!" "My morality is that of the magnificent blond beast, roaming wantonly in search of prey and victory."

Hitler wrote further: "Yes, we are barbarians. We want to be barbarians. It is an honorable title." Hitler spoke of "Terror in the place of employment, in the factory, in the meeting hall..." Hitler felt that "The people ... must always feel as if the iron hand of terror may strike at any moment, for any reason, or for no reason at all."

Yes, the Nazis believed in keeping the people afraid. They were brutal to the people. People were afraid for their jobs. They were afraid for their futures. They were afraid to speak out what they thought, for fear of reprisal. And, what about today, in many cases?


At this point, a question needs to be considered. What effect may people in positions of power, who have a Nazi human-experimentation and brutality mentality, have on policy within the United States: especially regarding policies which may adversely effect the health and well being of the general populace? How could a Nazi mentality effect policies regarding dangerous emissions from nuclear facilities and other sources which are harmful to humans?


In this discussion, one very important point should be remembered. People like the Nazis are not necessarily the ones who are creating the serious problems in our country, for they are simply pawns which are used by their elite controllers who operate, somewhat unnoticed, behind the scenes. It is the same way for the Socialists and Communists. It appears that Fascism, Nazism, Socialism and Communism all come from the same root source.

It is actually the elite controllers who are at the very root of the problems which we now deal with on a daily basis. They are the ones who are working to divide and conquer. They are the ones who are creating instability within our world. They are the ones working to remove peace, prosperity and tranquility from our country and our world. They are also the ones who are instigating the silent war upon citizens.


It is time to consider, to a further degree, information which was presented earlier in this discussion. It is time to note the use of the skull and bones, with black robes, by well-connected and powerful organizations within our world. Let us start with the secretive Skull and Bones Society from Yale University.

The webpage linked below about the movie The Skulls, written in the year 2000, declares: "Until the release of 'The Skulls' most people who heard of Yale's Skull & Bones thought of this Faustian Financial Fraternity as fictional." The webpage declares that The Skulls movie parallels "raw reality." It speaks of "black, Klansman-like robes" used in rituals. As we already know, their symbol is the skull and bones.

The webpage linked above declares: "It's common knowledge that Skull & Boners like Herbert Walker, Grandaddy Bush, and Averell Harriman, all backed Adolf Hitler and the Huns in their bid to establish a New World Order. The webpage speaks of one room, in the 1970s, which was "adorned with nothing but Nazi paraphernalia.

The webpage linked above presents some interesting information. That webpage is written by what appears to be a left-leaning individual who is coming out strongly against the Republican Party. But, there is yet much more to this story. Let us next consider the Democrat/Socialist/Communist side of the story.


The webpage linked below declares: "The Jesuit order ... has been the military enforcement arm of the Catholic Church." The webpage speaks of the flag of the Jesuit Order, which is a "black flag with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones." The second webpage linked below shows a graphic of the old Jesuit flag.

The head of the Jesuits, the Jesuit General, is call the Black Pope. That is shown in the third webpage linked below. Historically, it has been common for the Jesuits to dress in black robes.


We have looked at the Nazi and Fascist side of the coin. Let us now examine the Socialist/Communist side of the coin, for all of these ideologies appear to be the product of one particular world organization.


The webpage re-linked below makes a very unusual statement. It declares: "The communist party was created by the Vatican to destroy one of her greatest enemies, the Russian Orthodox church. The communists had double-crossed the pope and refused to destroy the Russian Orthodox church members and at last, Pope Pius XII had created a machine to do what the communists had failed to do - butcher every Orthodox church member and their clergy."

For a moment, let us go onto a different subject. Who are the main people who are members of the Russian Orthodox church? The webpage above gives us a clue. It declares: "The pope despised the Russian Orthodox members. They were called Serbians and they were marked for death in Yugoslavia. They were given one choice: to convert to Catholicism, or die."


Are the elite controllers who operate behind the scenes now manipulating the United States and its military into fulfilling the popes desire against the Orthodox Church of the Serbians? Is that possibly part of the reason we have been involved with a war against the Serbs in Bosnia? With this thought in mind, let us now return to the history and making of the Communists.


The narrative on the webpage linked below shows the link between the Jesuits of the Catholic church and Communism. The narrative declares: "The Jesuits perfected the tenets of Communism on their reductions in Paraguay, for 150 years, from 1600-1750."

The page explains further: "A reduction is a commune. In Israel they would call it a kibbutz. In Joseph Stalin’s Russia they would call it a commune. In New York they call it a village. In France, Paris, they called it a commune. It’s communal living where everybody is equal in their finances, in the labors; you have no great, no small, no rich, no poor—everybody is small, and everybody is poor, and everybody is controlled by a dictator. That’s the essence of Communism."

Let us consider again what was said above. In the Catholic/Jesuit type of Communism, everybody is poor and living at a low standard of living. To make things worse, everybody is controlled by a dictator. It is a life of utter and possibly brutal slavery under a Jesuit/Catholic ruler, who is possibly getting richer and richer from the labors of the slaves.


There is much to consider in the webpage linked above. It appears that the Jesuits "introduced Communism in 1848 through Karl Marx." It appears that the Jesuits, with their brand of Communism, hid behind Karl Marx as the philosophy was introduced to the world.


The webpage below makes some interesting statements. It declares: "That the Catholic Church under the control of the Jesuits did fund, organize and execute the political upheaval resulting in the February revolution of Russia and the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II.
"That the Catholic Church even arranged the safe passage of Vladamir Lenin and other exiled revolutionaries from Switzerland across the battle lines of World War I on a train flying the official colors of the Pope and the Vatican.
"That the motive for returning Lenin to head the new government was the inability of Fr Stalin S.J. to gain sufficient control over factions amongst the revolutionaries at that time."

It appears that the Catholic Church may have been involved in the Bolshevik revolution. It appears the Catholic Church helped get Lenin from Switzerland to Russia so he could play his part in the revolution. But, this is only part of the history of the Catholic hierarchy's involvement in overthrowing governments and initiating bloodbaths.


In regards to Russia and the infamous Communist leader Stalin, the first webpage below declares: "Stalin goes down as not merely one of history’s great murders, but also an exceedingly strange and diabolically paranoid tyrant. Close to none, suspicious of all, Stalin’s only real consistent “public policy” was torture and murder. In fact, noted genocide expert R.J. Rummel tolls Stalin’s victims between 55-70 million, right behind Chairman Mao’s 77 million – despite China having many more residents."

The second webpage linked below declares: "Few would deny any longer that communism -- Marxism-Leninism and its variants -- meant in practice bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal gulags and forced labor, fatal deportations, man-made famines, extrajudicial executions and show trials, and genocide. It is also widely known that as a result millions of innocent people have been murdered in cold blood." The webpage goes on to speak about the magnitude of the Communist attrocities.

The third webpage below presents links to numerous webpages about bloodbaths under Communist governments. Truly, Communism has not worked in the best interests of the general populace at large. It appears to simply be another form of brutality. Yes, it appears that this Communism has been inspired by the Jesuits and their church organization.


After examining all the material connected with this discussion, it appears that ideologies and brutal acts of the Nazis, Fascists, Socialists and Communists have all been inspired from within the Catholic church. It appears that the Catholic church may be against freedom of religion and individual freedom. It appears they may be against the freedoms guaranteed for U.S. citizens via the Constitution of the United States of America.


Earlier in this discussion, it was noted that the Catholic hierarchy used their Ratlines to help Nazi war criminals to escape from Europe. Many of these Nazi war criminals were illegally brought into the United States. More information will be presented on this matter later in the discussion.

Certain of these Nazis were given new names and given positions in government, the military and industry within the United States. It appears that a number of the Nazis went to work in the nuclear industry. Let us now examine this issue further.


Let us examine some of the evidence, to see if the Nazis in Germany had a nuclear program of any kind in operation during World War Two. The first webpage linked below makes an interesting statement in its last paragraph. It declares: "At war’s end, specialists from the US Army’s secret services transported all elements of the German atomic program found in West Germany to the United States -- including many of the physicists who’d been working on it."

The second webpage linked below, a slow loading PDF file from George Washington University in Washington DC, indicates that, as the European segment of World War Two ended, German nuclear scientists began helping the Soviets in their early atomic program. It appears that the German scientists had a lot of know-how and had been close to producing a self-sustaining nuclear reaction for the Nazis. It appears they had much to offer the Soviets.

The third webpage linked below is a Central Intelligence Agency report which is almost an exact duplicate of the information in the second webpage below by George Washington University (GWU). It should be noted that there is an error in the information given in the section called 'The Reactor Specialists' in the GWU version. The GWU version goes from page 24, runs another page 23 and goes on to another page 24. It may cause a little confusion when reading the GWU verson.

The fourth webpage below presents information about one segment of the Nazi atomic program during World War Two. It appears that some Nazis were on the right track and working hard to get their bomb program going. The British ultimately cause major damage to the Nazi atomic program, which worked to prevent the Nazis from obtaining a nuclear bomb during World War Two.


The webpage linked below declares: "The German nuclear energy project in Nazi Germany, informally known as the Uranverein (Uranium Club), began in April 1939, just months after the discovery of nuclear fission in January 1939. The first effort ended in months, but the second effort began under the auspices of the German Army Ordnance Office on the day World War II began, 1 September 1939."

The webpage continues: "The program eventually expanded into the following main efforts: the Uranmaschine (nuclear reactor), uranium and heavy water production, and uranium isotope separation. The zenith of the effort came when it was realized that nuclear fission would not contribute significantly to ending the war."

The webpage above declares: "Near the end of World War II, the principal Allied war powers made plans for exploitation of German science. In light of the implications of nuclear weapons, German nuclear fission and related technologies were singled out for special attention. In addition to exploitations, denial was an element of their efforts, i.e., the Americans and Russians conducted their respective operations to try to deny German technology, personnel, and materiel to the other party."

The above webpage continues: "A general United States denial and exploitation effort was Operation Paperclip. Operations directed specifically towards German nuclear fission were Operation Alsos and Operation Epsilon, the latter being done in collaboration with the British." "Nine of the prominent German scientists ... were picked up by Operation Alsos and incarcerated in England under Operation Epsilon: Erich Bagge, Kurt Diebner, Walther Gerlach, Otto Hahn, Paul Harteck, Werner Heisenberg, Horst Korsching, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, and Karl Wirtz. Also, incarcerated was Max von Laue, although he had nothing to do with the nuclear energy project."


There is some very interesting information presented in the webpage linked in the section above. Truly, it appears that the Nazis did have quite an atomic program in the works. No matter what anyone may say, it appears there were some very intelligent scientists at work here: ones who knew a lot about the ins and out of nuclear energy.

No wonder the elitists and internationalists in the United States worked hard to aquire all the Nazi nuclear scientists, and even war criminals, which they could get their hands on in the latter part of World War Two, plus thereafter. Furthermore, they were working to protects their friends and buddies: those friends and buddies which could help them further their silent war on citizens.


Regarding the Nazi scientists which were brought over to the United States, during and after World War Two, more information will be presented later in this discussion. In the meantime, the first webpage linked below declares the following:

"Regarding Operation Alsos, Allied Intelligence described nuclear physicist Werner Heisenberg, the German nuclear energy project principal, as ' . . . worth more to us than ten divisions of Germans.' In addition to rocketeers and nuclear physicists, the Allies also sought chemists, physicians, and naval weaponeers."

The second webpage below (a repeat link from above), once again lists a number of Nazi nuclear scientists which were picked up under operations Alsos and Epsilon. There are listed nine prominent scientists. But these were not all of the nuclear scientists and technicians which were picked up. It appears that quite a number of the Nazis were brought into the United States to work in its atomic programs.


The webpage linked below presents information from the 'Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists', from April of 1985. The article presents information which was written in February of 1947. It declares: "A few weeks ago, the U.S. Army revealed another its secrets: the employment in this country of a considerable number of German scientists and technicians."

Please note, above, the use of the words "a considerable number." Yes, a considerable number of Nazis were spread through a number of different fields in the United States. But, there were many who were placed in positions of power and influence within the nuclear industry.

The article continues: "...It must be borne in mind that many of them, probably the majority, are die-hard Nazis, or at least worked whole-heartedly with the Nazis; otherwise they would not have held their high posts so vital for the Nazi war machine."

At the time, prominent figures like Albert Einstein, Norman Vincent Peale, and others, made indignant protests about what was being done with the Nazi scientists in the United States. But, it appears the general public was kept in virtual ignorance behind a wall of secrecy.

Yes, it appears that the criminal element who were fully collaborating with the Nazis were now working at full speed to hijack the legitimate U.S. government. Yes, the United States has never been the same since. From that point onward began another phase of the silent war on citizens.


There is something to note about the article linked in the section above. It mentions the considerable number of Nazis who were brought into the United States under Operation Paperclip, but makes no mention of Operations Alsos and Epsilon: the operations which helped gather the nuclear scientists for use in the U.S. nuclear industry. Possibly the writers of the article had no idea of all the other illegal operations which were occurring behind the scenes, to bring Nazis into the United States.

The writers of the article made a very important statement: one which we should listen to today. They declared: "This article is also a timely warning that official secrecy breeds abuse. Behind its curtain, government officials can act arbitrarily, safe in the knowledge that they will not be held accountable. They can lie or distort the truth, as Harrison Brown reports in this issue."


Regarding the use of enemy experts in the United States, the first webpage linked below declares: "Although most Americans apparently disliked the idea of using enemy experts, their antipathy was not active. At the end of December 1946, however, a group of forty distinguished individuals including Charles S. Bolte, Evans Clark, Albert Einstein, Rev. John Haynes Holmes, Philip Murray, Richard Neuberger, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, A. Philip Randolph, Dr. Rufus B. von Kleinsmid, and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise recorded their 'profound concern' in telegrams to President Truman and Secretaries Byrnes and Patterson, the text of which they released to the press." That text follows below.

"We hold these individuals to be potentially dangerous carriers of racial and religious hatred. Their former eminence as Nazi Party members and supporters raises the issue of their fitness to become American citizens or hold key positions in American industrial, scientific, and educational institutions. If it is deemed imperative to utilize these individuals in this country we earnestly petition you to make sure that they will not be granted permanent residence or citizenship in the United States with the opportunity which that would afford of inculcating those anti-democratic doctrines which seek to undermine and destroy our national unity."

In the statement shown above, made by prominent individuals in 1946, the following should be noted. They were very concerned about Nazis holding "key positions in American industrial, scientific, and educational institutions." Yes, look again. These prominent people used the words "key positions," regarding what was being done with the Nazis in the United States.

The prominent individuals also were concerned that the Nazis, who were actually brought into the United States illegally, might be granted permanent residency and citizenship in the United States. An examination of all information linked to this discussion reveals that many of the Nazi scientists and supporters were given permanent residency in the United States, plus U.S. citizenship. And yes, they held key positions in American industrial, scientific, educational, and governmental institutions.


From the contents of this discussion, it is clear that the Nazi mentality was illegally brought into the nuclear industry in the United States, in large numbers. This mentality, which had spawned human experimentation and brutal crimes against humanity, ultimately appears to have become integrated into certain segments of the U.S. nuclear industry. It was also integrated into many other areas of government and industry.

As this discussion continues, let us examine just a few of the serious problems which are now facing U.S. citizens in the nuclear arena, on virtually a daily basis. Later in this discussion, plus in other reports on this website, some root causes for these problems will be considered. The apparent disregard for the safety and health of the general public will also be considered.


This discussion will eventually cover more areas where problems are occurring. It will not just cover the nuclear industry. With this warning, let us now commit ourselves and "jump in with both feet", into the discussion.


Livermore Valley is a peaceful place of communities and vineyards. It is located midway between the city of San Fransisco and the north-south Interstate-5 freeway, in the state of California. It would be a very pleasant place to live, except for one thing. There is a dark and sinister secret about Livermore Valley. It is related to the scientific research facility called the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and what it is doing to the surrounding region.

Because of the LLNL, wine from the Livermore region has up to four times the level of radioactive and harmful tritium than does wines from elsewhere in California. Milk and honey from this area also have elevated levels of tritium. Furthermore, the water, dirt and air in the Livermore region is polluted with radioactive substances such as tritium and plutonium, plus an array of other dangerous materials.

At this point, one may ask: "How has this all come about?"


The people associated with the LLNL have been extremely careless in their handling of dangerous and harmful, radioactive materials. There have been numerous radioactive accidents, with spills and leaks into the surrounding environment. It appears that there has also been some intentional dumping of dangerous radioactive materials in the region, possibly over quite a period of time.

As an example, less than a mile from the national laboratory, at Big Trees Park, "plutonium was found in the top two inches of dirt," says the webpage linked below. It may be harmful for children to play in this park, especially in the areas where plutonium is found.

A soil sample at Big Trees Park "contained up to 1,000 times the plutonium that would normally be expected." "Other plutonium "hot spots" were discovered in Sycamore Grove and Sunflower Park soon after." But, this is only the beginning of the story about the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


Because of their extensive training, it is only reasonable to expect that the highly knowledgeable and skilled workers at the nuclear Laboratory would have known all along about the potential health dangers associated with radioactive materials. Yet, in the 1960s and '70s, the LLNL "handed out plutonium-contaminated sludge to Livermore residents as compost for their lawns and gardens."

Interestingly enough, there are no public records showing how much dangerous radioactive sludge was handed out to the public or how many people received it, during the 1960s and '70s. What is even worse, no one seems to know where all this radioactive material was ultimately deposited.

After viewing information about radioactive experiments which the government performed on the unsuspecting public in earlier years, shown in the report called 'The Northwest Nuclear Junkyard,' found elsewhere in this website, one may begin to question whether the occurrences at Livermore were done by accident or if they were actually done with full intent.

Was the government simply performing another dangerous radiation experiment on the people surrounding the LLNL, without the knowledge or consent of these people? Were they simply being used as somewhat naive guinea pigs?


The webpage linked below is an informative read about what has occurred surrounding the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, over quite a period of time.

According to the article linked above, "Overall, the Bay Area has been the dumping ground of about 1 million curies (measurement of radioactive material) from the nuclear weapons in the Lab since it opened in 1952, according to initial estimates. One million curies are the rough equivalent of the amount of radiation dumped by the Hiroshima atomic bomb."

Once all the evidence is considered, a person could begin to wonder if some form of extremely subtil, yet very sinister and long-term radioactive war has been perpetrated on U.S. citizens, by their own government or possibly, more accurately, by its elite controllers.


As shown in the article linked above, one former employee of the LLNL openly declared: "Cold murderers would be the least to call them. They know they are slowly killing people and they go back with no interest for the people, just saving their immoral jobs."

It appears that workers at the LLNL fully understand the seriousness of what they are doing and the long-term effects their "carelessness" could have on the health and welfare of the surrounding populace, but, it appears they simply don't care. Truly, why should they care?

While doing what amounts to human experimentation and possibly other evil deeds, they are fully protected by the U.S. government and, possibly more accurately, its powerful controllers. The Laboratory workers can have all the "fun" they want, with no reprocussions.

To the people working at the LLNL, truly, what is the surrounding populace? To the workers, it appears that those in the surrounding area are just more guinea pigs: truly nothing of relevance, other than possibly being a part of another large-scale experiment.


Further information about the LLNL, plus what appear to be "criminal" acts perpetrated on the surrounding communities, may be viewed in the webpages linked below. Indeed, the government, or its elite controllers, are exposing U.S. citizens to dangerous radioactive materials such as tritium, without their permission.

Once all the evidence in this discussion is considered, all these acts of exposing citizens to harmful materials may appear as being a very blatant and cold-blooded part of an extended human experimentation program.


To view a problematic, somewhat off-the-wall webpage by a citizen who appears to be very aggravated at the radioactivity problem in the San Fransisco Bay area, simply click on the button below.


To view additional, somewhat better written information regarding another major radiation problem, simply click on the buttons below. This information regards what appears to be a very contaminated Hunters Point facility. This facility is located on the southeast side of San Fransisco, California.

The first article speaks of blatant human experimentation using harmful radioactive materials, performed without the victims knowledge. The remaining articles add additional information about the contaminated Hunters Point facility.


If any ordinary citizen were to be doing the type of human experimentation which it appears has commonly been performed in the government facilities mentioned above, that ordinary citizen would be charged with a very serious crime and most likely thrown into jail. In some cases, they may even be put to death.

If some other country were found to be doing these types of experiments, we may be screaming out about crimes against humanity. So, a question must be asked. Where is the justice in these cases which occurred right here in the United States?


After reading all of the information available regarding the LLNL and Hunters Point facilities, plus information available in this discussion and in this website about harmful radiation discharges into the environment and surrounding region from virtually all nuclear facilities, a person may possibly begin to wonder what is really going on in our country. Truly, what is going on behind the scenes and who is behind it?

Why does there seem to be such a lack of care for the health and well being of U.S. citizens living near these leaking and dangerous nuclear facilities? Are the lives of average U.S. citizens not important at all to the people in control of our country? Who or what are we really dealing with in the United States?

As the whole scenario regarding regional contamination with highly radioactive waste is considered, plus the people who are responsible for making these dangerous messes and their attitude toward the problem, one could possibly ask, "Are we dealing with controllers who have a desire to harm the local populace, possibly for experimental or population control purposes? Are we dealing with a form of Adolf Hitler on steroids?"

Regarding the last question above, there truly is a lot more to the story. This discussion will ultimately put many pieces of the puzzle together. This will help to produce a more accurate picture of what appears to be happening, plus the magnitude and seriousness of it.


The article below was written by a lady who is a geophysicist and radiation specialist. Leuren Moret formerly worked for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and was involved with the Yucca Mountain National Nuclear Repository project in Nevada. After watching what was happening in the nuclear industry, she became a whistleblower in 1991. This lady appears to have some insight into the nuclear industry and what is behind it.

The article linked below presents some interesting information, plus some food for thought, regarding the nuclear fraternity. It presents information which could readily begin to lay the groundwork for answering the question as to why there is no apparent concern about the overall health and welfare of U.S. citizens living in the region surrounding nuclear facilities.

The article below may explain why there is no true concern or positive action taken by the government to make the necessary or complete clean-ups of the dangerous radioactive waste left behind at, and leaking from U.S. Department of Energy sites. But truly, there is a lot more to this story. The nuclear problem is just one small part, at least at the present time.


It is time to make a quick comment about another serious problem. The article linked above declares: "The DOE Environmental Management program estimates that the 1995 high base cost to clean up the environmental legacy is $350 billion. That excludes the Nevada Test Site, Hanford, the Savannah and Clinch rivers and the Columbia River, which are considered to be national sacrifice zones because the technology does not exist to clean them up."

For those in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, the last statement above is very important. It is clearly stated that no technology exists to clean up the major radioactive mess which is threatening to utterly ruin the Columbia River. You will never see that clean river you may have always hoped for, thanks to the careless management of radioactive and dangerous materials by the powers that be.

Yes, thanks to a government, or more accurately to its controllers, for this very special gift. Thanks for what appears to be a silent and sinister war against innocent U.S. citizens. The basis for these statements may become more clear as this discussion progresses.


It is becoming clear, from examples all over the world, that higher rates of cancer and other serious diseases are common around nuclear facilities, especially on the downwind and downstream sides. The effect of radiation which is freely spewing out into the surrounding environment is truly producing a silent and deadly war against citizens.

The elite controllers of the government and military will never admit that they are creating a problem in our country and in our world. They have a history of consistantly denying or downplaying the health risks presented by their carelessness or intentional experimentation. It appears that in their own eyes, they are as perfect gods. But truly, there is much more to this story.


The controllers of our world have a unique knack for conning a somewhat uninformed and potentially gullible public. The public tends to blindly believe what the controllers are declaring, without questioning their word or checking further. The controllers may declare that the purpose for a particular project is for a particular reason, when in fact the true purpose of the project may be for something totally different.

To give just one mild example, there is a story about a worker in Germany during World War Two. This worker was employed at a factory which was supposedly making parts for baby carriages. Later, the worker found out that all along, he had been making parts for military weapons. It appears this same type of deception may be used regarding our dangerous nuclear facilities, plus our modified food products, as shall be seen in this discussion.


It is time to, once again, firmly establish one important fact in our minds. The self-appointed controllers of our world have clearly stated that we need to drastically and rapidly reduce the population of this earth. The members of the environmental religion declare that we need to drastically reduce the population to save the environment.

A number of the elite controllers of our world appear to be using rather sinister methods for accomplishing population reduction. Some of their secretive and rather subtil methods are presented in this discussion. The methods used by these elite controllers often amount to blatant genocide and crimes against humanity. Who are they really working for? Who is their master?


The United States is currently in the business of making nuclear bombs. United States' nuclear bombs have been used on no other nation since Japan, during World War Two. It is very unlikely that our nuclear bombs will be used on any other nation in the times ahead. It is now time for a reality check. It is time to look at what is really happening in the United States and to U.S. citizens.

The only people being adversely affected by the U.S. nuclear bomb industry and the nuclear power industry are common U.S. citizens. Our water, food and land is steadily being poisoned. We are the ones getting cancer and other diseases from the nuclear industry in the United States. We are the ones whose future generations will have problems because of U.S. nuclear endeavors.

It is time to look at the bottom line. U.S. citizens are the only ones being adversely affected by the U.S. nuclear industry, and government agencies do not really seem to take an interest in the fact that U.S. citizens are being adversely affected. Why? Possibly it is because there is an intentional, silent war being perpetrated against U.S. citizens. It appears that the government, military and nuclear complex is working silently to destroy U.S. citizens, using devastating nuclear radiation and its long-term effects.


There is much more to this story about the silent and sinister war on citizens. Nuclear radiation is not the only tool in the bag of the murderous elite. The discussion which follows will include the "food" and vaccine aspects of this war.

The innocent-looking food and vaccine "weapons" ultimately appear to be used for the purpose of causing deadly diseases and drastically reducing the human population upon this earth. Yes, the eugenicists are hard at work. About this time, the ghost of Hitler is possibly smiling.


The articles linked below present information about a very secret meeting which was attended by well-known billionaires. This secret meeting took place in New York, in 2009. There have been many questions raised about this ultra secret meeting. But, one thing is very clear. One of the major issues discussed at this meeting was a desire to rapidly reduce the population of this earth.

It appears that the purpose of the secret billionaire meeting in New York has been extremely "white washed." These billionaires have been made to appear as working for the good of the human race. They even have proclaimed themselves to be the Good Club. Truly, it should be asked, what would the eugenicist billionaires like to do to this earth and its human population, and by what means?

A quote in the third article linked below may give a better understanding of what certain members of this billionaire group of eugenicists are truly aiming for. Yes, these well known billionaires desire a very quick and drastic reduction in world population. The third article linked below speaks of reducing the population of this earth to only about 5 percent of what it is now: to possibly less than half a billion people.

The fourth article linked below gives many other important tidbits about the deceptive and murderous eugenics movement. Truly, if the members of the eugenics movement desire to work for the good of humanity and want to reduce the population of this earth in a very beneficial way, why are they not the first to end their lives, while distributing their vast wealth to the people of this earth?

Why do the eugenicist feel that they are so utterly important that it has to be the life of others which must be ended? Yes, possibly the eugenicists simply have a hatred for others who are not of their kind. Possibly they are simply vile, self-centered murderers at heart. Wasn't the eugenist Adolf Hitler?

A few of the rich and powerful people attending the New York meetings, as shown in the articles above, were Bill Gates, David Rockefeller Sr., Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Ted Turner.


The webpage linked below begins with some potentially disturbing information which was proclaimed by former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. His words: "Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people."

The information which follows, in the article linked below, makes it very clear that President Theodore Roosevelt understood clearly what is really happening in the United States. It appears he clearly understood that there is a type of criminal element which is working hard to be the self-appointed controllers of the United States and possibly the whole world.

In the latter part of World War Two, the illegitimate self-appointed controllers went on to perpetrate Operation Paperclip. What happened during Operation Paperclip, and afterwards, makes it very clear that this illegitimate group of controllers is not working in the best interests of citizens, nor is it in submission to the legitimate government of the United States, nor to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The article linked above does show very clearly just a part of the great power which is possessed by the criminal element, that invisible government, which is operating in our world. Indeed, this criminal element has a great effect on our everyday lives, as shall be seen later in this discussion.


The "invisible government", as Theodore Roosevelt would call it, that illegal and un-American group of renegades, helped a number of wanted Nazi war criminals to evade the justice system following World War Two. Because of Operation Paperclip, and others like it, many Nazi war criminals did not have to pay the price for their serious crimes against humanity. Ultimately, these individuals were glorified and honored in front of the citizens of the United States.

The shadow group of elite, yet illegitimate controllers of our world, decided that they wanted the information and expertise which these war criminals possessed. This group of controllers appear to have espoused the spirit of Adolf Hilter. Eventually, these illegitimate controllers would use the information and expertise at their disposal to perpetrate the silent and devastating war upon U.S. citizens and the legitimate government of the United States, plus people of the world at large.


To obtain a better understanding of what is happening in the United States in our day, we must go back in time to the mid-1900s. Our discussion turns to the time of World War Two and begins to examine a part of the secret community which existed at that time. This will help to establish the nature and characteristics of one important segment of the crowd which is helping to perpetrate the silent war on citizens in our day.


The article linked below presents information about a man named Allen Dulles. This man was a spy for the United States, or for his civilian handlers, during World War Two. It appears that he and his crowd had their own, possibly corrupt and misguided ideas of how our world should be run. But there is one thing which we must keep in mind while examining the Allen Dulles crowd. It appears that the "security" people associated with Allen Dulles where possibly pawns being used by a more elite group of powerful controllers.

The article linked immediately below presents a very interesting statement at its beginning. It appears that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg once stated: "The Dulles brothers were traitors." It appears the Dulles brothers were working for the Nazis. The article also declares: "Some historians believe that Allen Dulles became head of the newly formed CIA in large part to cover up his treasonous behavior and that of his clients." The remaining articles linked below reaffirm the statements made in the first article.

It appears that the Allen Dulles crowd may have been more "dedicated to promoting the interests of the Nazi Reich", rather than the best interests of the United States and its lawful citizens.

It did not take long for Allen Dulles to begin making illegal concessions to the rich and powerful, elite families in the United States: the ones who appeared to have "an axe to grind" with the government of the United States. Allen Dulles began doing this in about 1919.

Ultimately, it appears that the acts of the Allen Dulles crowd have helped to further the silent war on citizens, perpetrated by the real controllers of our world.


The article above, called 'Making a killing', shows some of the treasonous acts performed by a group of American citizens and companies during World War Two. This group greatly helped Hitler and the Nazi war machine: thereby killing U.S. and Allied soldiers by proxy.

It appears that multinational companies like Ford, General Motors, Curtis-Wright Aviation Corporation, International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT) and Standard Oil (owned by the Rockefellers) got away with their major crimes of treason, and people like Allen Dulles helped accommodate them, as shown in the webpage linked below.

American banks, like J.P. Morgan, Guaranty Trust of New York, Bank of the City of New York, Chase National Bank and American Express, also helped Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. So did the media giant, William Hearst. It appears the Bush family fortune was also created, in large part, by collaborating with Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. This is shown in the article linked immediately below.

The article linked above declares: "In 1945, the former Dutch manager of the Rotterdam bank resumed control only to discover that he was sitting on a huge pile of hidden Nazi assets.
In 1947, the manager threatened to inform Dutch authorities, and was immediately fired by the Thyssens. The somewhat naive bank manager then fled to New York City where he intended to talk to Union Bank director Prescott Bush.
As Gowen’s Dutch source recalled, the manager intended to reveal to Prescott Bush the truth about Baron Heinrich and the Rotterdam Bank, in order that some or all of the Thyssen interests in the Thyssen Group might be seized and confiscated as German enemy property. The manager’s body was found in New York two weeks later."


The above paragraphs are very interesting. The fired Dutch bank manager fled to New York City where he intended to talk with Prescott Bush about the Nazi fortune parked in the Rotterdam Bank.

The fired bank manager wanted the Nazi fortune of the Thyssen Group to be seized and confiscated as German enemy property.

Ultimately, the manager's body was found in New York. Yes, he was murdered in New York during his trip to speak with Prescott Bush. What happened here? Was the manager a danger to the money boys?


The articles linked below present further information about Nazism. The articles also present information about some of the treasonous acts by the elite in the U.S., who helped to support and raise up the Nazi regime in the early 1900s, plus collaborated with it during the World War Two era. Other information relating to the treasonous collaborators is also presented.


The webpage linked below declares: "The Rockefellers' Chase National Bank (later the Chase Manhattan) was the richest and most powerful financial institution in the United States at the time of Pearl Harbor.
"The Rockefellers owned Standard Oil of New Jersey, the German accounts of which were siphoned through their own bank, the Chase, as well as through the independent National City Bank of New York, which also handled Standard, Sterling Products, General Aniline and Film, SKF, and ITT, whose chief, Sosthenes Behn, was a director of the N.C.B.
"Two executives of Standard Oil's German subsidiary were Karl Lindemann and Emil Helfferich, prominent figures in Himmler's Circle of Friends of the Gestapo -- its chief financiers -- and close friends and colleagues of the BIS's Baron von Schroder."

The webpage above declares further: "As war approached, the links between the Rockefellers and the Nazi government became more and more firm. In 1936 the J. Henry Schroder Bank of New York had entered into a partnership with the Rockefellers. Schroder, Rockefeller and Company, Investment Bankers, was formed as part of an overall company that Time magazine disclosed as being "the economic booster of the Rome-Berlin Axis."


Yes, treason was prevalent in the United States during the World War Two era. The webpage linked first below may be somewhat hard to read, but it provides additional information on the treason which was occurring during this period of time. It also presents information about the proposed, forceful overthrow of the legitimate form of government within the United States. The remaining links present supporting information.


It appears we are living in a time of immense confusion. The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees to every state a Republican form of government. Yet, the Republicans are pushing for Democracy. It appears the Democrats want a Socialist Democracy or Communism. It all comes down to this: both parties appear to be completely against the legitimate form of government guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Both appear to be enemies of our legitimate form of government in the United States.

The democracy which is pushed by the Republicans appears to lean toward the fascism of Hitler and his cronies. According to the information presented earlier in this discussion, it appears that Nazis illegally smuggled into the United States during the World War Two era became part of the Republican party. The democracy of the Democrats appears to lean toward the Socialist Communism of the old Soviet Union. It appears that Socialist and Communist immigrants adhere to the Democratic party.


The first article linked below indicates that Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent people over to Russia to study the programs of the Communist Stalin. He then worked to implement his version of the Communist programs in the United States. The Communistic programs of Roosevelt were termed progressive: as noted in the second article linked below. It should be noted that Democrats often term themselves as being progressives.

The remaining articles linked below present some useful tidbits of information about treasonous acts in the United States. But, in following the tradition of political confusion in the United States, the articles proclaim about a democratic government in the United States: not the Republican form of government guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.


The article linked below indicates that during World War Two, American families and large companies like Morgan Bank, General Motors, Remington Arms and the DuPonts, were strongly in support of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Once again, they were plotting the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, so a facist leadership could be put in place.

The article linked above speaks of other criminal acts performed by elite American families. It mentions armed gangs of thugs, the Pinkerton Agency and the American Liberty League (a Nazi organization) which one elite controlling family used to terrorize U.S. citizens. It should be noted that eugenics thought and the desire for a master race by the DuPonts, and possibly others, is brought up in this article.

The article above declares: "Ultimately, the international corporations, the lawyers, bankers and financiers who collaborated with the Nazis prevailed. They exerted tremendous influence to thwart investigators delving into their seditious activities after the war. Many of the key players were elevated to senior postions in the U.S. government."

Many of those with Nazi, and yes, eugenics leanings were put in positions of power. The article states further: "Americans at the highest levels of finance, industry and government willingly cooperated with the Nazis for political, ideological and financial reasons."

The article above also declares: "It would have been a bitter death for the brave American soldiers fighting in Europe if they had realized that comfortable American businessmen back in the States were making fortunes financing the same industrial cartels that manufactured the weapons that were being used to kill them." Is it any different today? It is all just another part of the silent and criminal war on citizens.


The article linked below presents some very interesting history. It almost gives a "Who's Who" list of elite controllers behind the scenes in the United States during the early 1900s.

The article above also speaks about the powerful DuPont, Rockefeller and Harriman families, plus George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush. It notes how American families helped the Nazi government in their spying, propaganda and bribery. Once again, it notes treasonous acts which certain powerful families performed against the United States, during the era of World War Two.

The article shows that Allen Dulles began representing German interests in the 1920s, which continued into the 1930s and possibly beyond. It shows that from 1937 on, the Dulles brothers worked to conceal the Nazi acts against the United States. It appears they also worked to conceal the criminal acts of rich and powerful U.S. families: part of the elite controllers of our world.

Once again, many rich and powerful American families ended up supporting the Nazi regime and Adolf Hitler, who ultimately became the bitter and murderous enemies of the United States and its lawful citizens. The article declares: "In October of 1942, Prescott Bush was charged with running Nazi front groups."

This all makes for a very cozy country, for Prescott Bush was the father of the 41st President of the United States, the illustrious George H. W. Bush. Prescott Bush was also the grandfather of the 43rd President of the United States, the much-loved George W. Bush.


The Wikipedia article linked below declares that Prescott Bush "was involved with the American Birth Control League as early as 1942, and served as the treasurer of the first national capital campaign of Planned Parenthood in 1947." It appears that Prescott Bush was involved with the eugenics movement: that movement which is working to change America and appears to be helping to propogate the silent and sinister war on citizens.

The article linked below was written during the George W. Bush era. It gives more history on Prescott Bush, plus history on some strange and very well concealed Nazi dealings.

The article linked above presents some interesting tidbits of information. Herbert Walker and Averill Harriman, with whom Prescott Bush was associated, had investments with the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. It appears this group of people were possibly aiding both the Nazis and the Bolsheviks.

Actually, this tidbit of information is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, on a much larger story: a story which is much too large for this short discussion. It appears that Nazism, Bolshevism, Socialism and Communism may simply be a multitude of "products" from the same group of elite, rich and powerful controllers of our world. It appears they provide a "menu" of "pick your own poison".


The article linked below is very informative. It appears that a traitorous Allen Dulles was covering for the Nazis during the World War Two era. The notorious Nazi company I.G. Farben is part of this picture with Dulles. I.G. Farben supplied the Nazi extermination camps with the chemical agents used for exterminating people. The article declares: "Dulles had been recruiting Nazis under the cover of the State Department’s Office of Policy Coordination."

The Editor's Note to the article below declares: "Since WWII, these Nazi emigres have been instrumental in many U.S. government covert operations including drug and weapons smuggling, Latin American death squads and protofascist regimes, LSD mind control experiments (like MKULTRA), the Republican National Committee’s Ethnic Heritage Councils as well as the presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush."

The article linked above declares: "Once in the U.S., the Nazi emigre’s quickly set to work to get out the 'ethnic' vote for the Republicans." So, it appears that the Republicans may be involved with the Nazis and their ideals. But, let us get things as straight and honest as possible. The Democrats appear to be aligned with the Socialist/Communist groups of this world. Both Democrats and Republicans appear to be at major odds with the legitimate form of government set up by the U.S. Constitution.

Indeed, it appears we have some major problems within the government of the United States. Possibly there will be more about this story later. It may even be beneficial to include an expose of the elite group of people which are behind and controlling both political parties. Possibly the saying "divide and conquer" may be very fitting in this instance. Now, back to the main story.

Yes, it appears that Allen Dulles and his associates were deeply involved with the Nazis. It appears that he and his group were highly instrumental in placing his Nazi friends in positions of power and influence in the United States. It appears that people involve with the intelligence community in the United States were instrumental in laying the foundation for the silent war against citizens.


The articles linked below present additional information, some of it repetitive, about the infamous Operation Paperclip: that illegitimate operation which took place as the war in Germany came to its end. Yes, the articles, once again, speak about Nazi war criminals who were secretly smuggled into the United States But, there is much more which is related to this story.

It appears that Nazi war criminals were allowed to work and continue their experiments in the medical and military fields, within the United States, after they were smuggled out of Germany. The articles speak of chemical warfare, biological warfare and the advocation of mass murder by certain corrupt groups in the United States.


For the good of the legitimate government of the United States, for the good of the legitimate citizens of the United States, for the good of the whole human race, it may have been much better if the information and expertise which the Nazi war criminals possessed would have forever been lost to mankind.

If the information which the Nazi war criminals possessed had been forever lost, the whole human race would possibly be in much better shape today and our world would possibly be a much better place to live. Yes, the self-appointed rulers have truly made a big mess, and they are not done yet.


The vile spirit of Adolf Hitler did not die in Nazi Germany. It appears that the spirit of Hitler has been inducted into certain key segments of the United States. Yes, as many Nazi war criminals were secretly smuggled into the United States near the end of World War Two, during Operation Paperclip and a number of other secret operations like it, the spirit of Hitler was solidly integrated into the United States.

Once again, unrepentant Nazi war criminals were put into positions of power and influence in the United States. Is it any wonder that we now have major problems in our country? Is it any wonder that the eugenics movement is becoming so powerful in our world? Is it any wonder there is now a push by the billionaire controllers of our world to drastically and rapidly reduce world population? Is it any wonder that we are facing the silent and sinister war upon citizens?


History tends to look at Adolf Hitler as being "the" bad guy. But truly, who was actually behind or supporting Hitler? Who helped set him up in power? Who greatly encouraged his eugenics programs? Who worked with him to set the stage for his large extermination programs?

The article linked below indicates that the Rockefeller group is greatly responsible for the creation of Hitler and his mass exterminations of humans. But, as shown earlier in this discussion, the Rockefellers are not the only rich and powerful people in America and other countries who supported Hitler and his goals.

The article linked above shows that, under the Nazis, the Rockefeller's Standard Oil group and the German's I.G. Farben group were joined together. I.G. Farben is the chemical company which created and produced the deadly pesticide Zyklon B. This pesticide was used for exterminating millions of people in the Holocaust gas chambers.


The article linked below, under the section called 'IG FARBEN FACTS. UNLEASHED IN NYC', declares: "I.G. Farben was half-owned by the Rockefeller family. I.G. Farben/Standard Oil built Auschwitz and forty other concentration/slave labor camps in Germany and occupied Europe."

Is it any wonder that the Rockefeller family is big in the eugenics movement in the United States and abroad? Is it any wonder that the Rockefellers and their group of billionaire friends desire to drastically reduce the population of this whole earth, for their own self-serving reasons, by whatever means they have at their disposal? Indeed, it appears we are dealing with a new Hitler: yes, a Hitler on steroids.

The story about Hitler, Nazism, eugenicists and a war on citizens is not finished yet. There is, indeed, much more to this story. But first, let us return for a moment to the infamous and illegal Operation Paperclip.


For a further introduction to some of the dark and illegal history surrounding the United States at the time of World War Two and thereafter, but with important parts and pieces missing because of still being classified by the U.S. government, simply click on the button below.

The article linked below speaks mainly about the beginning of large scale rocketry in the United States, plus the start of the U.S. space program. But, there are some important tidbits of information which are included in this article.

It is of great importance to note that the complete list of all the Germans and war criminals who were named under Operation Paperclip, which were illegally smuggled into the United States to work and experiment at U.S. facilities, remains classified, hidden from the public to this day. It appears that there is no intent to release the complete list of names. That is somewhat disturbing.

The article below declares that Operation Paperclip was illegal because of the Nazi affiliation and possible war crimes of many of the scientists which were smuggled from Germany. To allow Nazi war criminals into the United States, certain people in positions of power within the United States reverted to deception and outright lying to hide the criminal past of these Nazis.

Yes, it appears that the criminal element was now in full control of the future and destiny of the United States and its citizens. The rest of us were simply pawns along for the devastating ride.

The article linked above speaks of Klaus Barbie, who was better known as "the butcher of Lyons." This man tortured and killed prisoners at Lyons, France.

The illegitimate Operation Paperclip, perpetrated by the criminal element within the United States, allowed Barbie to escape justice for many years. What is even more amazing is that the war-criminal Barbie, for a period of time, was actually an agent for the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps.


Once again, there is a point so very important which is found in the section above, that it is worth repeating and examining further. Again, the complete list of names of German and Nazi scientists and workers who were illegally smuggled into the United States remains classified to this day. Citizens are not allowed to know the names (or the new names) of all the Nazi war criminals who were smuggled into the country, or where they went in the United States or to which organizations they are attached.

It is very clear, from information presented in this discussion, that a number of these Nazi war criminals were placed in positions of power and influence within the United States and its institutions. But to which ones, the government is keeping that a secret. Yes, those in government truly have something to hide, for the information which they are hiding possibly would show the extent of the secret war on citizens and the ultimate goal of the powerful eugenics movement, on the people of the United States and the world.


The Wikipedia article linked below regards I.G. Farben. It declares: "Due to the severity of the war crimes committed by IG Farben during World War II, the company was considered to be too corrupt to be allowed to continue to exist. The Soviet Union seized most of IG Farben's assets located in the Soviet occupation zone (see Morgenthau Plan), as part of their reparation payments.
The Western Allies however, in 1951, split the company up into its original constituent companies. The four largest quickly bought the smaller ones. Today only Agfa, BASF, and Bayer remain, Hoechst having in 1999 demerged its industrial chemical operations to Celanese AG and merged its life-sciences businesses with Rhône-Poulenc's to form Aventis."

Once again, the article linked above shows that after World War Two, the Western Allies split up the murderous IG Farben company. But, what happened to all the information possessed by the scientists from IG Farben?

Another question comes to mind. Where did a number of the scientists from IG Farben ultimately go? Is there a reason why the U.S. government is not releasing the full list of names of those Nazi scientists and war criminals who were illegally smuggled into the United States, in the latter part of World War Two?


It is time to note some history of the U.S. based company called Monsanto. The article linked below declares: "In 1967, Monsanto entered into a joint venture with IG Farben, the German chemical firm that was the financial core of the Hitler regime, and was the main supplier of Zyklon-B to the German government during the extermination phase of the Holocaust."

The above information may be very important, for it would fit into the goals of the eugenics movement and their silent war against citizens. The connection between Monsanto and I.G. Farben fits into the picture of dangerous and deadly chemicals, genetically modified and harmful foods, devastating human experimentation, plus a sinister form of population reduction.

After examining the business practices of Monsanto, there are possibly many who would wonder if we are once again dealing with a Hitler on steroids. There are possibly many who would feel that the spirit of Hitler is alive and well within the Monsanto structure.


The article, linked in the section above, declares: "The Monsanto company was created in 1901 by John Francis Queeny and named after his wife, Olga Mendez Monsanto. Since that time, the name Monsanto has become symbolic of the greed, arrogance, scandal and hardball business practices of many multinational corporations.

The article continues: "Less well known is that Monsanto was heavily involved in the creation of the first nuclear bomb for the Manhattan Project during WWII via its facilities in Dayton, Ohio. The Dayton Project was headed by Charlie Thomas, Director of Monsanto's Central Research Department. He later became the company's president. Monsanto also operated a nuclear facility for the federal government in Miamisburg, Ohio, called the Mound Project, until the 1980s."

To say the least, Monsanto has a very interesting history. Monsanto could possibly be more of a threat to humanity than generally realized. It possibly deserves some further research, especially considering their business practices around the world.


It appears there may be a major problem within the government and legal system of the United States. It appears that extremely abusive companies, Monsanto being one apparent example, are able to run roughshod over peaceable U.S. citizens and destroy their lives.

Companies such as Monsanto are freely allowed to financially destroy anyone who dares to get in their way of monopolizing the food industry. Is the criminal element now running our world? Is the criminal element manipulating the U.S. government?


At this point, one thing should be made extremely clear. The legitimate, Constitutional government of the United States is a very good government. It is the shadow government, the illegal invisible government spoken of by former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and noted earlier in this discussion, which is the problem in the United States.

The illegal, invisible government is the one which is constantly undermining the legitimate government of the United States. The illegal and criminal, invisible government is the one which is working hard to confound the legitimate government at virtually ever turn. The invisible government in the United States is the one ruining our economy and creating major problems for citizens.

The invisible government is the one which appears to be controlled by the elite billionaires of this world: the ones who would like to eliminate up to 95% of the people upon this earth. It appears that they are the ones who are helping to perpetrate the evil war against citizens. It appears they are the ones who have been instigating atrocities on this earth for many generations.


It appears that Monsanto is a horrible monster which is brutalizing the people of this world. It does not appear that companies like Monsanto should be allowed to exist in a civilized or free world, nor within any nation which has true justice. So, what is happening?

It appears that the billionaire eugenics crowd is in full support of the brutal tactics of companies like Monsanto. As an example, let us consider Bill Gates. A man of his stature obviously would know the nature and brutal tactics of a company like Monsanto, yet he has invested a lot of money in that company.

For information about Bill and Melinda Gates investing in Monsanto, simply click on the buttons below. The buttons below also access additional information about Monsanto and its abusive tactics.

After viewing some of the information accessed below, a person could readily wonder if the U.S. goverment is simply being used as a vehicle for corrupt practices, manipulated by what appears to be a very criminal element.


Support for Monsanto's acts of brutality by the billionaire crowd may possibly expose a somewhat hidden abusive nature within the billionaires themselves. This may be a reasonable assumption, considering these billionaires would like to get rid of or eliminate as many people as possible off this earth.

To make the picture even more questionable and possibly even of a sinister nature, there is a direct connection between Monsanto and the world's largest and most abusive mercenary army. A person could start to wonder what is coming next.

Once again, an important question should be considered. Are we, or will we be dealing with an Adolf Hitler on steroids? Will Hilter almost look like a good guy in comparison to the ultimate acts of the group we are now dealing with?


The buttons below access information about Monsanto's connect to the most brutal and possibly the most criminal mercenary army in the world. It appears that some of this story may be "white washed". As the truth is examined further, the "puzzle pieces" are not beginning to produce a very pretty picture.

The last three articles linked above present some important information which helps to understand the mentality and nature of Blackwater (Xe). There is much more information available about this military-style organization to be found on the Internet.


It appears that Monsanto typically uses "criminally-motivated" tactics similar to those of Mafia henchman and the Nazis war criminals under Adolf Hitler. What is worse, the government just sits back and lets it all happen. Why?

A person could seriously wonder if the government is party to these criminal acts. Is there a possibility that some government officials are getting "kick-backs" or are bought off?


The webpages linked below present information about just a few of the farmers which are being brutalized by Monsanto. Are we simply going to sit here and let the bullies of our world destroy our farmers? Are we going to allow companies like Monsanto to ultimately destroy our future?


Earlier in this discussion was given some history about an illegal operation which occurred during World War Two, called Operation Paperclip. There were also other similar operations. Once again, the illegal Operation Paperclip, performed by what appears to be the criminal and treasonous element within our country, brought in many Nazis and known war criminals and integrated them into many facets of the American military, industry and government.

At this point, a question should again be asked? To which U.S. company or companies did the Nazi scientists and war criminals from I.G. Farben go, when they were illegally smuggled into the United States? To which segments of government was the large array of Nazi war criminals integrated? Furthermore, which potentially questionable "American" family appears to have been firmly behind the Nazis?


It appears, or should we say it is rather obvious, that Monsanto is using extreme terrorist tactics against small farmers. It appears that Monsanto may be using a form of the "buy 'em out or burn 'em out" Rockefeller tactics which were used during the time of the early oil industry. Let us not forget the apparent mentality of this Rockefeller family.

The Rockefeller family supported the Nazi eugenics program of Adolf Hitler, which appears to have started in a somewhat "innocent" and deceptive manner, but rapidly converted into the horrid brutality and mass-murders of the Holocaust. On another note, it appears that the Rockefeller family, because of their support for the Nazis, was killing our own servicemen by proxy.

The apparent criminal activities of the Rockefeller family, plus that of a number of their associates, appears to have occurred during World War Two and possibly during other military conflicts as well. Now, let us return to Monsanto.


As we have seen earlier in this discussion, it appears that Monsanto is brutally terrorizing farmers. It appears that a number of these farmers may be totally innocent of the charges which are being placed against them by Monsanto. Knowing a bit of history of that which has occurred upon this earth, and knowing the unethical or potentially criminal practices of certain powerful people, a question should be asked.

Is there a possibility that Monsanto is secretly sending out henchman to scatter its GMO seeds and other products into unsuspecting farmers' fields so it can then sue them? How about aerial drops of GMO seeds and other products from airplanes or other aerial devices?

At this point, from what the evidence is indicating, I wouldn't put anything past Monsanto. On the other hand, there is the matter of a court system and government agencies which appear to be in collusion with Monsanto and helping them to perpetrate their acts of brutality.


The article linked below contains some very important information about Monsanto. It appears that Monsanto has a habit of performing criminal acts. In the article, scroll down to the section called 'An Illinois Farmer Fights Back'. Look at the sixth paragraph in that section. It declares the following:

"Monsanto didn't have what it needed to take its case to court -- a document stating that he knew better than to save the seeds. So, company agents forged his signature -- even misspelling his name in the process -- on a technology agreement. The agents later admitted to forging (long prior to the lawsuit) his and many other farmers' signatures, Osman says."

The article continues: "In response to this document, which remains in the court record, Monsanto attorneys argue that there was an implied contract, he says. In other words, they say that it's common knowledge that Monsanto doesn’t allow growers to save its seeds. To prove this claim, they produced a grower redemption form stating that Stratemeyer had received free pesticide spraying on 50 acres. Problem was, it too was forged."

So, it appears that Monsanto does forgery after forgery, in an attempt to extort money out of farmers. A person could wonder if the Mafia or some other criminal organization is running Monsanto.

If a small company were performing the acts which Monsanto is performing, people would most likely be going to jail and the small company would likely be force out of business. What gives in our "justice" system? Why do the politicians allow such things to continue?


The webpages linked below help to present a more "well rounded" and complete picture of Monsanto and its characteristics, plus apparent criminal activities. This information is important and helps us to understand the nature of what we are now dealing with in the United States and around the world.

It is companies like Monsanto (and Blackwater, etc.) which have helped to give the United States a bad name in this world. Why should we bear with brutal and despotic companies any longer? Why should we bear with the elite controllers who appear to be behind them?

Possibly it is time for the public to stand up strongly against the vile abuses and corruption, and potentially criminal activities, of government officials. It is obvious that these officials are not necessarily working for our best interests.

If the government officials are not working in our best interests, why should we allow them to continue in their positions? Why should we continue to pay them? Why should we continue to finance our ultimate destruction?


We have watched some very corrupt practices occur within U.S. industry and U.S. government agencies for way too long. Truly, why should we allow abusive companies, like Monsanto, to exist any longer? Why should we allow the billionaires, who support and help divisive and corrupt companies, to control our lives and futures any longer? Once again, why should we allow corrupt government officials to retain their positions of power any longer?

Isn't it about time we threw off the vile chains which now enslave us? Isn't it about time we turned to deal directly with the billionaire controllers who appear to be vilely and intentionally manipulating and ruining our lives and our world? Isn't it about time that we set these rich oppressors in their place? They want to eliminate as many people as possible off of this earth. What should be done with them?

Possibly it is time for citizens of the United States, and citizens of the whole world, to stand up powerfully against the abuses and atrocities of the criminally-minded rich and powerful of our world. Possibly it is time to reinstitute the true Constitutional safeguards which were originally intended for the United States and its citizens. Let us not bow to the criminal oppressors any longer, nor their associates in positions of power.


It is time to consider what appears to be the real motives of people like Bill Gates and his crowd. It is time to examine that which appears to be their hidden agenda. It is time to examine that which appears to be their true nature. The articles linked below give some introductory information.

So, it appears we are allowing Bill Gates to play god upon this earth. It appears we are allowing people like Bill Gates to decide who lives or dies upon this earth. This does not appear to be a very intelligent act on our part. I believe we can do much better than this.


The first webpage linked below provides a number of links to some interesting information about Bill Gates and Monsanto. This information also shows what Bill Gates' investments are actually doing to developing countries.

The second link below provides information regarding some earlier investments by Bill Gates. Considering that the money made from these investments appears to be helping to perpetrate a form of genocide upon certain peoples of this world, I wonder if anyone has thought of boycotting any company in which Bill Gates is invested.

Possibly a widespread boycott might have an effect in at least slightly slowing down an apparent genocide movement, by reducing its funding. I realize that most of us are, to a degree, held hostage in the computer software industry. But, possibly there are other areas where at least some effect could be realized.


It appears some people are becoming tired of the brutality displayed by Monsanto and others like it. It appears some people are getting tired of the apparent lack of true justice in the United States and potential corruption within government agencies. It appears some of these people are standing up to do a job which could potentially benefit the human race.

It appears that the billionaire elite and certain government agencies operate under the motto of: "the end justifies the means". Possibly some individuals scattered across the face of this earth have decided that others can play this game also. It appears they are seeking justice by whatever means possible.

The webpage linked below presents introductory information about a unique movement. A person could begin to wonder if a type of cyber-Robinhood is in the making.

So, what will be the outcome of a potential cyber attack on the abusive Monsanto? Possibly some may desire that the best people come out as the winners. May corruption in business and government eventually be brought down and true justice be done.

Let us now return to our main subject: an examination of the questionable acts performed by the powerful and deceptive eugenics movement.


It is time to begin looking further into the eugenists' toolbag. Let us note some of their methods which are used in their pursuit of drastic population reduction, plus world dominance. It should be noted that eugenicists, especially the controllers behind them, tend only to want a world composed of their kind.

Those who do not share the views of the eugenicists, or fit into their world picture, must be eliminated one way or another. The population control and extermination programs of Hitler and Nazi Germany are simply the ultimate end of the eugenicists' agenda. That stands to reason, for the rich and powerful eugenicists were the ones who helped Hitler along the way.

It is now time to put together more pieces of the puzzle. It is time to obtain a clearer picture of that which is happening in the United States. It is time to understand why the government has no genuine care for the true health and well being of U.S. citizens, especially in regards to the nuclear and food industries. It is time to further expose the silent and sinister war on citizens.


The article linked below presents a short history of the use of biological weapons. It notes the early use of biological weapons by the U.S. and British militaries. The article mentions a man named Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, who worked for the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations. This man made it a practice of infecting victims with cancer, without their consent.

Regarding Dr. Rhoads, the article declares: "As head of the U.S. Army Biological Weapons division, and a member of the Atomic Energy Commission, Rhoads directed secret radiation experiments which were conducted on thousands of unsuspecting U.S. citizens. In letters to the Department of Defense, Rhoads openly advocated the “eradication” of dissidents with “germ bombs."

The article declares further: "After the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan, the United States government recruited and employed hundreds of Nazi and Japanese doctors who had conducted horrific biological experiments on prisoners of war, including captured American servicemen." The article notes the nature of some of the horrific and gruesome experiments performed by these war criminals.

The article linked above declares: "At the close of World War II, U.S. intelligence agencies raided the labs and offices of IG Farben, the German conglomerate which produced a number of nerve agents. Hundreds of Farben doctors and Nazi research scientists were recruited by [Allen] Dulles and friends." The article proceeds to mention the integration of Nazis into positions of power in the United States, plus the Nazification of the CIA, the Department of Defense and other U.S. govenment agencies.

It appears that a number of the IG Farben doctors and Nazi research scientists were illegally smuggled into the United States, where they could continue their questionable research and experimentation under the protection of the military and U.S. corporations. Eventually, it appears the sinister findings of the Nazi scientists would be put to use in the silent war against citizens.

The article linked above, is just a portion of the book called America Betrayed--: BUSH, BIN LADEN, 9-11, AIDs, ANTHRAX, IRAQ... (ISBN 0971644578). This article, and the book, is truly a "must read." It is quite an expose of U.S. biological aggression on its own citizens and on citizens from around the world, perpetrated by the elite controllers. It also speaks of the eugenics movement.


The article linked in the section above speaks (starting on page 305) about the beginning of attacks on unsuspecting U.S. citizens by the CIA, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Army. These government agencies used a variety of harmful or deadly chemical, biological and radiological weapons in these illegal and vile attacks. These weapons were used on citizens without their knowledge or consent.

It appears that these attacks were just the beginning of the long-term, silent and deadly war against U.S. citizens. It appears that this silent and sinister war has been carried out on unsuspecting men, women and even children in cities and towns across the United States ever since. These attacks show the criminal mentality and characteristics of the people with whom we are dealing.

As the evidence in the article linked above is studied completely, with the spraying of people at close range with harmful substances and the large record of human experimentation, a person could truly begin to wonder what is the true purpose of contrails (or chemtrails) which are being sprayed from large aircraft upon U.S. citizens in cities across the nation. Knowing the history of human experimentation in this country, possibly the subject of contrails/chemtrails may be worth investigating further.


The article linked below is a re-link of the article from further above. There is information within that article which needs further examination, that we may obtain a better picture of that which is going on in our country and how it may fit in with the ultimate goals of the eugenics crowd. The article also helps to expose the mentality of the people which are perpetrating the silent war on citizens.

The article speaks about the spraying of people at airports and bus stations using biological agents (see top of page 306 and beyond). The perpetrators of these crimes against humanity used special suitcases which were fitted with spray devices. In other cases, unknowing victims were injected with substances which sickened or killed them.

The article shows that in yet other cases, swarms of specially bred, disease-carrying mosquitoes where released into the human populations. Yes, the perpetrators are doing their best to be very clever, but they are very evil and very sinister. Truly, this is the mentality of the apparent criminals we are dealing with in our world, which prey upon innocent victims.

The article declares: "In 1952 and 1953, the U.S. Army dropped aerosol “bombs” and began spraying the men, women, and children of six American and Canadian cities with biological agents in order assess the dispersal patterns of chemical and biological weapons. Army records indicate that respiratory illnesses became rife in all the cities effected, including Winnipeg, Canada."

The article above speaks about a deadly sickness which occurred in the capitol city of Managua, Nicaragua. The outbreak of this deadly sickness occurred after a series of low-level "fly overs" by U.S. government aircraft.

The first article, called 'U.S. Germ Warfare Experiments', linked in the section further below, called 'BASIC LINKS ABOUT EXPERIMENTATION', indicates that the increased "U.S. aerial reconnaissance missions" over Managua, Nicaragua and the Dengue fever epidemic took place in 1985.

It is time to get a better understanding of the breed and mentality of people which are helping to perpetrate the silent war on citizens.


In the section above, the mentality of the people which are perpetrating the silent war on citizens is mentioned. It is time to look into this mentality matter a little further. It is time to come to a better understanding of the nature of at least a certain portion of the people we are dealing with in this war against citizens: people which can readily have a detrimental effect on our daily lives.

It appears to be common knowledge that the CIA has been big into drugs. Yes, the evidence indicates that the CIA has been a big drug dealing and drug using organization. It appears that the CIA was really big into the use of LSD, plus secretly getting other people onto LSD and other drugs. More will be presented on this issue later in this discussion.

The linked article below declares: "Dr Gottlieb also sought to exploit the military potential of mind-altering drugs such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)." Supposedly, this was to be a somewhat serious investigation into the effects of drugs on people. But, as we shall soon see, it degraded into a playtime for pranksters and jokesters. This appears to be a very similar mentality to those people which sprayed dangerous substances onto unsuspecting people in bus stations and airports, plus performed other human experimentation without the knowledge or consent of their victims.

The article below continues: "CIA operatives tested LSD by agreeing among themselves to slip LSD into each other's drinks. The target never knew when his turn would come. Initially the leaders of MK-ULTRA restricted the surprise acid tests to their own members, but when this phase had run its course they started dosing other Agency personnel who had never tripped before. Nearly everyone was fair game, and surprise acid trips became something of an occupational hazard among CIA operatives."

Evidence shows that the CIA soon turned to drugging unsuspecting members of the general public. The evidence indicates that the CIA also was into large scale drug trafficking in many areas of the world, with the illicit drugs usually ending up on American streets and victimizing U.S. citizens. These matters will be addressed later in this discussion.

The bottom line is this: this is the general mentality of people which we are dealing with in the silent war against citizens. They are people which prey upon their victims. They are sneaky, deceptive, conniving, and very often treading into the arena of being downright criminals: definitely not people to be trusted or respected.


The article linked in the section above is a very involved read. Possibly some may like to only view highlights of the acts which have occurred over the years in the silent war which is perpetrated on citizens by government agencies. The webpages linked below only present very basic information.

It is worthwhile scanning through the comments at the bottom of applicable webpages linked below, for other important information on biological tests which could fall under the classification of criminal acts. It is also worth noting that the military and government agencies appear to commonly deny or downplay the seriousness or the extent of their apparent crimes against citizens.

It is of interest to note that the results of many of the devastating government experiments are classified. It appears that the government, or its elite controllers, do not want the public to understand the depth of potentially criminal activities which occur within government agencies. It appears that any activities which are highly illegal are instantly "classified". That, in itself, would appear to be a criminal act.


The newspaper articles linked below present just some of the information about military releases of biological or chemical warfare agents in experiments on U.S. soil. The articles also speak of the military using dangerous drugs on people, without their knowledge.

Please note that references are made in certain articles about the government denying the unethical (or potentially criminal) tests. A person could wonder how much "white washing" was done to the information, in many cases, before it was approved for release to the general public.


The webpage linked below contains the contents of a rather "white washed" report which was prepared for the U.S. Senate. This report makes it very clear that the U.S. military has been performing human experimentation for quite some time, often without the knowledge or consent of the victims.


The article linked below declares: "A man called Frits ter Meer was on the I.G. Farben Managing Board from its foundation, and was responsible for I.G. Auschwitz. I. G. Auschwitz had a cozy relationship with the Auschwitz concentration camp, in that it used forced labor of the prisoners to work in its factory, and also used them as guinea pigs."

Now for an interesting tidbit of information. The article declares: "Under Frits ter Meers direction, I.G. Farben used a fluoridation program to control the population at the Auschwitz concentration camp in any given area through the mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication (fluoride) that would produce sterility in women, and so on."

Yes, fluoride in water supplies has been used for population reduction. But, there is actually more to the fluoride story. Fluoride appears to be good at altering human behavior, making it a good candidate for creating a docile populace. A docile and passive populace makes things much easier for the self-appointed controllers. For further information about the use of fluoride, simply click on the button below.

For additional information on fluoride, simply click on the button below. It will be noted in the article below that the nuclear industry, plus Hitler and the eugenics movement, have all been connected to the fluoride story.


It seems like everywhere we turn, the eugenicists ("world-class Nazis") are secretly working toward forced population control and reduction. They also seem to have a history of creating some very clever cover story for their sinister acts: a story which often sounds somewhat logical to a somewhat uninformed general public.

Population control and reduction seems to be a big issue in the eugenics movement. From history, it appears that extermination and genocide follows them everywhere. This is part of the silent war against citizens in the United States, and around the world.

It appears that the eugenicists only want those on this earth which are like them and will support them in their evil deeds. Indeed, it appears that the eugenicists are satanically motivated. Their eugenics programs simply come down to being just another form of ancient human sacrifice.


There are many people today who are voicing strong opinions, speaking against the large human population upon this earth. With the mentality shown by certain influencial eugenicists on this earth and from an examination of events in past history carried out by eugenicists, this whole scenario may very likely end in horrid genocide, possibly worldwide.

Click on the button below to examine the view of just one eugenicist: the one called Ted Turner. Note the hypocrisy within the eugenics movement. Ted Turner has five children, yet he wants to force others to have only one child. The bottom line is, eugenicists just want their own type inhabiting this earth. It appears they hate all who are not like them. Possibly it is just another form of hate-crime.

There are those which feel that large-scale genocide would be the quickest way to cause a drastic reduction in world population. It appears that some with this type of thinking are connected to the "mother gaia" crowd within the eugenics movement.

A major nuclear accident or a number of serious accidents at the same time could help the eugenicists to accomplish their goal of rapid population reduction. So would biological or chemical warfare. Or, might they use a combination of methods for greater effect?


It is time to consider a subject which is not new in the scientific or medical fields. This is the subject of drug or chemical interactions, plus their potentially detrimental effects in the human body. Over the years, there has even been talk of the deadly interactions between various prescription medications, as various people, even doctors, have died as a result of these interactions.

It is now time to look somewhere else, rather than the prescription drug industry. The article linked below has a very interesting title. It is called 'Aspartame once considered a weapon of mass destruction and a bio-weapon NOW food additive'. The article declares: "Nazis and chemical warfare are recurring themes in the aspartame story."

It is interesting that the Nazis have been mentioned in relation to chemical warfare. It is interesting to note that the use of artificial sweeteners has skyrocketed since the World War Two era. It was Nazis who were illegally smuggled into the United States during the World War Two era, so they could continue their experimentation under the protection of the government and industry.

The article below also declares: "Dr. Olney found that aspartame, combined with MSG seasoning, increased the odds of brain damage in children." So, if a child sits down with a few soda pops (with included aspertame) and eats a meal of prepared food (with its dose of MSG), this child may be playing a dangerous form of Russian Roulette with their health. They may be one of the unlucky ones who receives brain damage.

When a person gets brain damage or some other serious health problem from chemical combinations created by their artificial or chemically altered foods, the doctors will often act mystified as to the real cause of their problem. But, the "scientific organizations" which have created this whole mess are not ignorant to the negative results of these chemical interactions.


Fluorine is one of the basic chemical elements found on the Periodic Table. The webpage linked below declares: "Fluorine is the most electronegative and reactive of all elements. It is a pale yellow, corrosive gas, which reacts with practically all organic and inorganic substances." "Until World War 2, there was no commercial production of elemental fluorine."

The webpage linked below declares: "In its elemental form, fluorine is a pale yellow, highly toxic and corrosive gas. In nature, fluorine is found combined with minerals as fluorides. It is the most chemically active nonmetallic element of any element and also is the most reactive electro-negative ion. Because of this extreme reactivity, fluorine isn't found in nature as an uncombined element."

The webpage continues: "Fluorine compounds or fluorides are listed by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) as among the top 20 of 275 substances posing the most significant threat to human health." The webpage shows that the Surgeon General set the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for fluoride content in public water at "4ppm or 4mg per liter." But, "fluorides are cumulative toxins." Yes, they accumulate in the body.

The webpage states: "In 1998 EPA scientists, whose job and legal duty it is to set the Maximum Contaminant Level, declared that this 4ppm level was fraudulently set by outside forces in a decision omitting 90 percent of the data showing the mutagenic properties of fluoride." Please note again: the EPA scientists declared that "the MCL was fraudulently set by outside forces." Outside forces? What is going on here?


Once again, fluoride is accumulative in the body. The webpage linked above declares: "It is total fluoride intake from all sources which must be considered for any adverse health effect evaluation, including intake by ingestion, inhalation and absorption through the skin." "Exposure to airborne fluorides from many diverse manufacturing processes (pesticide applications, phosphate fertilizer production, aluminum smelting, uranium enrichment facilities, coal-burning and nuclear power plants, incinerators, glass etching, petroleum refining and vehicle emissions) can be considerable."

In the statements in the paragraph above, look again at all the different sources for harmful fluoride contamination of our environment. Note especially that nuclear power plants are listed, plus many other things are listed. But, there is even more to this story. The articles continues: "In addition, many people consume fluorine-based medications such as Prozac, which greatly adds to fluoride's anti-thyroid effects. All fluoride compounds — organic and inorganic — have been shown to exert anti-thyroid effects, often potentiating fluoride effects many-fold."

The webpage linked above also states: "The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride's supposed effect on children's teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission."

The information continues: "When the Nazis under Hitler decided to go into Poland, both the German General Staff and the Russian General Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans, and personnel, and the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian Communists because it fitted ideally into their plan to communize the world."

There is much information on the Internet regarding the interaction of fluoride with other materials like aluminum or teflon which are used in cooking, and how the resulting "food" product can be harmful to the human body once ingested. It can result in health problems, plus alter the nature of the individual.


From information presented in this discussion, it is clear that Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, plus those with a similar mentality, are in positions of power in the United States. Is it then any wonder that there is talk of causing a massive reduction in world population?

Is it any wonder that radioactive experimentation has been performed on citizens of the United States without their knowledge or consent? Is it any wonder that the government turns a deaf ear to citizen's concerns about leaking radioactive materials from nuclear facilities?

Regarding totalitarian population control measures, consider the article linked below. This article presents information about President Obama’s top science and technology advisor, John P. Holdren.

The article linked above declares that Obama's top science and technology advisor has "advocated the formation of a planetary regime that would use a global police force to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children."

It sounds like we have some very nice people in positions of power, within our government. Note closely that Holdren advocated using the food and water supply to propagate forced population control and reduction. It appears our friendly eugenicists enjoy propagating their own form of genocide via the food and water supplies, plus via the medical establishment.

Let us now look further into the satanically-motivated eugenicists' destructive toolkit.


It appears that some dangerous and potentially deadly experimentation, plus forced population control, is being perpetrated on the people of the United States. It appears that this rather sinister form of experimentation is also being perpetrated on the people of virtually the whole world. Behind this satanic experimentation appears to be the criminally-minded eugenic elements within industry and government.

Often, without the knowledge or consent of victims, they are being used as guinea pigs by the elite, self-appointed, nevertheless illegitimate controllers of our world. These acts are indeed a criminal type of act. Furthermore, it appears that these acts are being perpetrated on the people of this world by the ultra-rich who control our world. One of the devastating and potentially deadly tools of the eugenicist controllers is GMO foods.

For information about the negative effects of GMO foods, simply click on the buttons below. The bottom line: If an industry or government official declares that something is safe for human consumption, possibly you are safer to completely doubt their word and do your own research on the matter.


What is ObamaCare really all about? Is Obama trying to be generous to the people of the United States or is there some other driving motive? It is time to consider the "change" which it appears Obama is bringing to the United States and its citizens.

Is ObamaCare a great blessing for the people of the United States, or is a horrid and deadly monster in disguise? Furthermore, who is ObamaCare a product of? The eugenics movement? Was the eugenics movement, even that which was in the United States, that movement which supported Adolf Hitler and his extermination programs?

Was the medical establishment furthering the eugenicists programs in Nazi Germany? Was the medical establishment helping in the exterminations in Nazi Germany? Truly, what is the forced ObamaCare program setting the stage for?

It is now time to consider the material presented in this discussion. After World War Two, Nazi doctors and scientists, including many war criminals, were illegally smuggled into the United States. They were allowed to continue with the work and experimentation they had been performing in Nazi Germany.

Since that time, in the United States, human experimentation has been performed, often without the knowledge or consent of the victim. This illegal experimentation has included the injection of dangerous or deadly substances into the victim. At other times, there has been forced sterilization.

So, what lies ahead with forced ObamaCare and the agendas of the eugenicist controllers?


It appears that Bill Gates has become the self-appointed decider of what is to be done on this earth. It appears he believes that he is a form of god and can decide who lives or who dies, or even who is born. It appears that Bill Gates is furthering his population reduction and sterilization agenda via the use of vaccines.

A question must be asked. What is being done to these vaccines which Bill Gates is promoting? It appears that these vaccines are "laced" with something which causes forced abortion or sterility. Personally, I used to think that Bill Gates was a nice guy...


The webpages linked below are just a basic introduction to a few of the problems which appear to be related to vaccines. Yes, nerve damage from vaccines appears to be fairly common, plus, there are also a multitude of other problems which appear to be related to these vaccines. And the list keeps growing.


The webpage linked below shows the progression of murderous thought in Nazi Germany. First, it was the "right to die" movement. Then things progressed further. The remainder is history: a history of genocide.

The article linked below gives some history of the euthanasia program in Nazi Germany. There are valuable lessons to learn from this history.

The Wikipedia article linked below declares: "Nazi Germany's T-4 Euthanasia Program used lethal injection as one of several methods to destroy what the Nazi government dubbed 'life unworthy of life'."

Yes, the medical establishment, rather than saving people's lives, became the murderers of people.

The link below accesses a portion from a book called 'The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanasia to the Final Solution'. Read the information presented. The death panels of Obama's "health care" program may be very similar to the model set up by the Nazis.

It is very easy for Nazi-style death panels, when they feel that they can begin playing "God", to eventually revert to mass murder and genocide. It is simply "the slippery slope" of out-of-control human nature.

The link below accesses a portion from a book called 'The Nazi doctors: medical killing and the psychology of genocide'. The chapter accessed is called 'Wild Euthanasia: The Doctors Take Over'. It does not appear that it takes too much for the established medical community to switch over and actually become a party to cold-blooded mass murder.

To the eugenicists, if an individual does not meet their criteria of a valuable asset to society, it is time to kill that person. The bottom line is that eugenicists appear to be filled with hatred for anyone who is not like them. But, will anyone dare to proclaim their vile acts as being hate crimes? Is it "politically correct" to say that eugenicists may simply be cold-blooded killers at heart?


Certain segments of the so-called "earth loving" people simply desire for people to kill themselves to, as they claim, help save the earth. The webpages linked below present examples of this mentality. This type of thinking goes hand in hand with the eugenics movement.

There is one major problem with all people of the "save the planet (earth, environment, etc.), kill yourself" mentality. They are simply carrying signs or making statements regarding people committing suicide. But, as with many eugenicists, it appears they are very hypocritical. If they really did believe in what they are saying, then they should be more than happy to be the first to kill themselves.

The bottom line is this. It appears that eugenicists are simply cold-blooded murderers at heart. It appears they have a great love for themselves, generally self-centered, and a great hatred for the lives of others who are not like them and their crowd. They always want it to be someone else that dies. Yes, it appears their motto may be: "Exterminate anyone who is not like us."


There are a number of other people who are seeing what is happening in the United States, in relation to the environmentalists and the eugenicists. The webpages of a few of these people are linked below. These articles may be worth reading.


Which political party will save us from the death sentence of the eugenics movement: from the death sentence created by the rich and powerful of this world? The answer: there are powerful eugenicists in both parties. It appears that all, whether Democrat or Republican, will help to implement the desires of their rich and powerful eugenicist controllers. It appears that all may be bowing to the desires of criminal minds.

It appears that politicians have sold their souls to the rich and powerful eugenicists, so they can save their jobs and political futures. So who do you vote for? If you can find a truly honest politician, one who would work extremely hard to overturn the ObamaCare eugenics plan, then possibly vote for them. Otherwise, we may all be out of luck.


There is indeed a massive push from virtually all directions, using as many industries as possible, to drastically reduce the population of this world. It appears that the ultra-rich controllers of this world are behind this forced and dangerous population reduction.

Indeed, it appears we are dealing with an "Adolf Hitler" on steroids. It appears we are dealing with a complete monster. Generally speaking, in principle, the population control tactics of the ultra-rich eugenicists are no different from the acts of Adolf Hitler. Because the acts of the ultra-rich are often disguised or well hidden, it possibly makes them even more sinister and dangerous than Hitler.


In the light of all the information presented in this discussion, it is time to examine the "leaky" southern border of the United States and see how it fits into the picture.

It is well known that a large flow of illegal aliens are being smuggled in through this border. It is also well known that a large flow of drugs are coming in through this border. It is also well known that certain U.S. Border Patrol officers have gone to jail for doing their best to enforce this border.

Information about jailed Border Patrol officers is found in the articles linked below.

It is well known that the Obama administration strongly resisted Arizona's determination to enforce the southern border of their state, since the U.S. government obviously appears to be very derelict of their duty to protect the border.

Why were there so many screams from the liberals against Arizona for attempting to secure the southern border? Let us take a wild guess. U.S. citizens want their illicit drugs. Could this guess be anywhere close to the truth? But there is possibly, yet, much more to this story.


Every now and then the government busts a drug dealer. That helps to put on the image that the government is really doing their job and is working hard to protect the health and well being of the general populace. But, going in and truly sealing the southern border so the hemorrhage of drugs can potentially be greatly quenched, appears to be something they have no desire to do. Why?


The federal government and other people of this country tend to ridicule, undermine or complain loudly against anyone who tries to seal the hemorrhaging southern border to help stop the flow of illicit drugs and illegal aliens. Examples of these "un-American" acts are shown in the articles linked below. A person could begin to wonder if we have a derelict criminal in the white house.


In regards to the situation at the southern border, it should be noted that many of the drugs are coming in via illegal alien carriers. Why then is there a powerful segment of the population and government officials within the United States which strongly desire to have virtually a wide open border? The last two articles linked above actually are part of the key for answering our question.

Once again, illegal drugs appear to be the reason that a segment of society and government officials want the southern border open. It appears that these people tend to support illicit drugs and drug running. Yes, the United States is drowning in drugs and it appears that government officials and their handlers desire it to be that way. It all appears to be part of the plan of those elite controllers of the United States and the world.


Government officials like to make it look like events resulting from things which they implement are simply and accident. Often they try to act surprised or totally baffled about the results of their actions. Often they will simply hide and avoid answering questions about what they have done. One good example is shown below. But, these things are not accidents. They have been planned out ahead of time, with full intent.

Yes, government agents have been supplying Mexican drug cartels with guns. To make matters worse, all along the government has been putting the blame on average U.S. citizens for all the guns getting into Mexico. It appears that the government has been using this tactic to support an unconstitutional power grab for the guns of citizens.

Yes, it appears the elite controllers of this nation want U.S. citizens completely disarmed, so they can easily be subdued and enslaved.


Let us go back a little in history. What have the players behind the scenes been doing all these years? The first article linked below involves drug trafficking by what appears to be a renegade CIA. Where, I ask, do you suppose was the intended final destination of all these illicit drugs? The second article linked below may help give a part of the answer: possibly one which is only about the size of the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

The second article declares: "The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an extensive testing and experimentation program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign. Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to unwitting subjects in social situations."


The information linked above tends to indicate that the CIA may possibly be one of the biggest drug cartels and criminal organizations in history. Now, judging by information in the news and on the Internet, most of us realize that there is some very big money made in the illicit drug industry. What do you suppose the CIA operatives were doing with all the money made from their illicit drug trafficking activities?

Were some individuals connected with the CIA possibly "padding their paychecks" just a little with the proceeds from these unethical and illegal activities? Was the CIA making big money off of helping to drug U.S. citizens and get many citizens helplessly addicted to drugs?

It should be remembered that the same bunch of people which eventually became the CIA, was the one which perpetrated the illegal smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the United States for integration into positions of power and influence. Truly, what is going on with this particular organization? Does this organization hold the United States and its citizens hostage?

Considering the drug smuggling, the drugging of citizens and the human experimentation, is the CIA actually a form of terrorist organization? Is it being used by the elite, rich and powerful controllers in the silent war on citizens?


What is going on in our country? The cops and government are busting the "little" domestic growers of marijuana, while apparently allowing the CIA and their affiliates to haul in and distribute all the drugs they desire. What gives in our country? It the government being used as a vehicle to prevent competition for organizations like the CIA, in regards to the drug dealing industry?


Let us return for a moment to the issue of leaking nuclear facilities and nuclear accidents.

Leaking nuclear facilities and nuclear accidents could readily figure into the massive push for rapid population reduction, which appears be to foised on us by the billionaire controllers of our world. It does appear that these ultra-rich controllers have completely lost any true moral compass.

Do not be surpised by anything which you may see happening upon this earth in the times ahead.


It is very clear that the elite, rich controllers of our world desire to control every aspect of our lives, even the food which we are able to receive. It appears that the controllers and their companies are working to create a somewhat sterile environment in which only their products are available.

Let us now consider a recent event surrounding the DuPont people. Yes, remember the DuPont people which were mentioned earlier in this discussion: the ones who were working to forcibly overthrow the legitimate U.S. government in earlier times, using armed rebellion? This appears to be the same DuPont family being dealt with in the articles linked below.

It appears that DuPont has produced a weed killer or herbicide which is causing widespread damage to Norway spruce and white pine trees.

The article linked immediately above declares that the herbicide Imprelis does not break down in compost, which means it does not break down in the environment. In other words, this is a very dangerous herbicide which just keeps on killing, possibly uncontrollably.

The article linked below shows problems with other "agricultural chemicals" which do not break down in the environment. It appears a number of these chemicals cause major crop damage. Even a trace amount of Imprelis appears to be very persistent, steadily causing major damage to food crops.

The article linked above declares: "The introduction of Imprelis, unfortunately, is repeating a well documented industry practice of trotting out one new chemical after the toxicity of the previous one has been proven. In 2004, for example, when diazinon was finally pulled off the market as an insect killer due to its mammalian toxicity, it was widely replaced with imidacloprid, which causes colony collapse disorder in bees."

So, the massive destruction of honey bees in relatively recent years appears to be caused by the chemical industry and products like Imidacloprid. Yes, it appears great destruction in being created in our world by these out of control companies.

How may all this environmental, honey bee, vegetable and crop damage fit into the long-term plans of the elite eugenicists?


The eugenicists have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to produce what is commonly called the Doomsday Seed Vault. This seed vault in located on a remote Norwegian island in the Svalbard.

The Doomsday Seed Vault contains pure, natural, non-GMO seeds from around the world. It appears that the purpose of this vault is for use in reseeding the earth, just in case the eugenicist GMO-pushers and chemical companies make a total mess of our planet: which they most likely will do.

One thing is for certain: the eugenicists have complete control of the seed vault. No other person will gain access to those seeds. After the eugenicists have made a mess of our earth with their GMO products, possibly sterilizing it completely, they very likely could attempt to sell each of the vault's seeds at an extremely high price.

Indeed, the eugenicists appear to be planning for the end of the world, and very possibly they will be the ones to bring it on. It most likely will not be done by accident.


Sometimes, there may be value in examining different types of information, even information which some people would consider as being somewhat off-the-wall. In the information presented below, there may be very important tidbits included which should be considered further.

It is time to consider the thoughts and mentality of certain political figures and their associates when it comes to eugenics, plus rapid and drastic population reduction. It is also time to consider what is being done to us, very likely without our knowledge or consent.

Once again, there is a highly deceptive group of people who seriously desire to drastically reduce the population of the world. As this discussion has shown, they have been experimenting for years on people without their knowledge or consent.

This group which performs human experimentation apparently would have no problem using leaking nuclear plants and nuclear accidents, plus the destruction of food crops, to help further their eugenics cause. They would also have no problem spraying or injecting you with something which would harm or kill you.


It appears that we live in a very strange world. A mysterious structure which is commonly called the Georgia Guidestones are just one example of the strange groups which exist in our world. What is even more bizarre is that the creators of the guidestones do not want to be publically known.

One thing for certain, those people behind the guidestones are eugencists and those desiring to drastically depopulate this earth. It is very likely that these guidestones are the work of the billionaires who are working hard to force their eugenicist ideologies down the throats of us all, or else...

It should be noted that one of the guides declares: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." It may be just a coincidence, but isn't that the same amount people which Ted Turner has been calling out for?


One thing is very certain: the ultra-rich elite of this world have voiced their desire for a drastic reduction or extermination of this world's population. Yes, this could make things much easier for the billionaires to manage. It appears these billionaire, self-appointed rulers, only want a ruling class and a relatively few number of slaves upon this earth. Yes, it truly appears that this is their dream.

To the rich billionaires, common citizens may be looked at no differently than cattle. Possibly they consider common citizens as sheep to be sheared or cattle to be culled: simply make money off the herd, or if it gets too big, get rid of whatever is considered to be an excess. Actually, there is much more to this story.

The rich billionaires appear to only want enough people left on this earth to serve the interests of the ruling elite which will control the one world government (or one world dictatorship). It is becoming rather obvious that those who do not submit to the plans of the possibly deranged billionaires will be eliminated one way or another. Yes, it appears that history is set to repeat itself.

Once again we may hear a variation of the following words: Sieg Heil!


The article linked below declares: At the U.N. Summit at Rio in 1992, the Conference Secretary-General, Maurice Strong, said; “Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

It is very clear from the statement above, that the intended goal of the United Nations and it sinister backers it to utterly collapse and destroy industrialized civilization. Basically, the goal of the United Nations and its powerful billionaire backers is to collapse the United States in every way possible and send it back to "the stone age" or worse. Destroying our economy and industry is but the first step.

It appears that our politicians, along with the Obama administration, are doing a very dandy job of destroying what is left of our industrialized nation. It also appears they have done their best to destroy our economy and our jobs. Yes, it truly appears that a treasonous group of traitors desires to convert the United States into something much below a third world country.

The webpages linked below provide further comment on this matter.


The environmentalists, plus people like eugenicist billionaires Ted Turner and Bill Gates, claim to be working to prevent global warming or climate change. They claim they are working to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions, plus the emission of other so-called greenhouse gases. But, possibly their true agenda is something far different.

If the true goal of the controllers of our world were to prevent global warming or climate change, they would likely be contacting people like the author of this website. They would want to help implement systems like his which could drastically help to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. They would want systems like this which could facilitate the advancement of industry, plus help create numerous jobs and improve the economy and standard of living for virtually all citizens.

It strongly appears that the ultimate goal of the environmentalists and eugenicists is to utterly destroy the economy and industry, plus the sovereignty of the United States. It appears that their ultimate goal is simply to destroy civilization and enslave U.S. citizens, placing them under bondage to a very despotic international government: one which the rich billionaires and their master control.

If you wonder why Obama does not appear to be truly working to improve the economy or the employment situation in the United States, the information presented in this discussion may reveal the fundamental reason for this apparent negligence of duty.


The article linked below indicates that a Marxist Nancy Pelosi laid the groundwork for the transformation of the United States from a land of freedom to an illegitimate land of social slavery. It appears that a traitorous Pelosi has done her best to destroy the legitimate, Constitutional United States.

The article declares that the Marxist Pelosi has "paved the way for the takedown of America by the globalist-socialist elite fomenting for One World Order". Indeed, Pelosi has paved the way for the final takeover of the United States by the elite socialist billionaires who, illegitimately, control our world.

The article, linked above, indicates that Nancy Pelosi was the main person who pushed Agenda 21 through Congress. Two major architects of Agenda 21 were the Communist former leader of the Soviet Union, the notorious Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. Let us not forget who Maurice Strong is. He is the one who, in 1992, at the U.N. Summit at Rio declared: "Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

It appears that a Marxist Pelosi worked hard in 1992-1993 to bring the Communist, former Soviet leader Gorbachev to the Presidio in San Fransisco, California, where he could help perpetrate the final takedown of the legitimate government of the United States and bring its citizens into utter slavery, with loss of all Constitutionally declared freedoms. Some of Gorbachev's tools were Agenda 21 and Green Cross International.


The article linked below gives a short, but rather informative history of the very subtil and notorious Communist, Mikhail Gorbachev. It appears that Gorbachev is a man who can be extremely destructive to individual freedoms. That is the way things are under communism. That is the way things are under the system perpetrated by Gorbachev's rich and powerful controllers.

Gorbachev is an enemy of the true intents of the Constitution of the United States of America. In other words, it strongly appears that Mikhail Gorbachev and his associates desire the utter downfall and complete destruction of the legitimate United States: the land of individual freedoms, plus liberty and justice for all.

The article linked above, regarding Green Cross International and Gorbachev, declares: "Beginning in June 1993, Gorbachev chaired this globalist environmental movement. Its tentacles reach into countless areas of international law and politics, ultimately demanding the submission of all nation-states to the sovereignty of a Global environmental government - one of many efforts he is making to establish and enforce supra-national powers."

Once again, some of Gorbachev's tools for destroying and enslaving U.S. citizens are Agenda 21 and Green Cross International. And, Gorbachev appears to simply be a tool of his handlers.


The articles linked below give some history relating to Gorbachev and Green Cross International, plus what they and their associates are perpetrating upon the people of the United States, plus the whole earth.

If Mikhail Gorbachev is so environmentally conscious, then why did not he work hard to clean up the environment within the sphere of the old Soviet Union, while he had the chance. Instead, it appears he left that portion of the world as an environmental disaster.

It should be rather obvious that Gorbachev has a different agenda than simply doing good for the environment. Obviously, one of his goals is to eliminate all personal freedom and help place citizens under the clutches of the elite billionaires' very despotic one world government. But, there is yet much more to this story, for the elite billionaires do not appear to be at the pinnacle of control.


The articles linked below present information about Agenda 21. It is possibly in the best interests of all who believe in freedom to understand what Agenda 21 is all about, and how it will affect your life in the future.


Economic warfare is one of the most devastating forms of warfare upon a people or a nation. It appears that there is a major economic war being perpetrated on the citizens of the United States. It appears that government agencies are aiding and abetting this war on citizens, which possibly is propagated by the elite billionaires of our world.

Let us put things very simply. As the elite billionaires hoard more and more money, there is less money available for everyone else. With less money for everyone else, citizens will spend less money. That means that smaller businesses will have less money, therefore, smaller businesses may not have the extra money to spend on new projects: projects which could make money, help create jobs and help the economy.

Bottom line: it appears that the greed of the ultra-rich billionaires, plus their deliberate manipulation of the economy, are big factors which have worked to devastate the economy in the United States. It appears that the ultra-rich billionaires may be perpetrating a form of terrorist war against U.S. citizens, in their attempt to bring the citizens down and ultimately enslave them. In the midst of all this financial mess in now added the burden of ObamaCare.

It appears that ObamaCare was the brainchild of the billionaire group. Obama simply complied with the wishes of his handlers and financiers. This program from the billionaires has worked to eliminate potential employment and appears to be just another part of the economic war on citizens, perpetrated by the ultra-rich eugenicists.

For just a sampling of different points of view on economic warfare, simply click on the buttons below.

In the midst of the major economic disaster which we are now dealing with, it appears that Obama is perpetrating his own economic war against citizens. Just a small example of this economic war is found in the video linked below. But, in all of this, let us always remember that Obama is simply a puppet of the elite billionaires and their agenda.


This discussion has presented much information. It is time to look at the individual "puzzle pieces" and see what type of picture is forming. This discussion has noted an abusive company like Monsanto, which is allowed to freely operate in the United States and the world, while using what appears to be Gestapo-type tactics. Government agencies are also allowing GMO foods to be fed to U.S. citizens: foods with the potential of causing harm.

This discussion has noted the connection between Monsanto and the most brutal mercenary army in the world. The eugenicists plan for producing a drastic reduction in world population has been examined. We have noted the Nazi war criminals who were illegally smuggled into the United States during the World War Two era. These Nazi war criminals were then placed in positions of power and influence throughout many segments of government, military and industry within the United States.

We are now facing Agenda 21, which virtually amount to a total take-over of the United States by a foreign government. A person could begin to wonder if we are now facing the rise of the Fourth Reich: one which is on steroids.


At this point, some serious questions need to be asked. Who are the real terrorists in our world? Who are the ones who are not good stewards of this earth? Who are the ones who are ruining our environment? Who are the ones who are making war, plus killing people all over the world? Yes, who are the ones who are the true enemies of humanity?

Look at the eugenics movement. Look at the ultra-rich and powerful: those who would like to destroy and reduce the world population to 5 percent of its current population. It appears that they are the evil ones of our world. History appears to paint them as the workers of atrosities. Historically, they have been the instigators behind some very famous criminals of this earth: Hitler being just one example.


Once again, let us return to an interesting piece of advice. Let us return to that advice which came from a former U.S. President who clearly saw what was beginning to happen to our country many years ago, and understood where it would lead and the end result of it: the result which we now live with daily. The advice was shown earlier in this discussion.

Theodore Roosevelt, on April 19, 1906, declared: "Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today."

It appears that politicians and statesman, over time, have horribly failed at their legitimate duty to protect citizens from the criminal element in our world. It appears they have freely sold their souls to the unholy alliance and are now aiding and abetting its silent war on citizens.

There is an old saying which goes something like this. "If you want the job done right, you must do it yourself." Possibly it is time for citizens to wake up and begin doing that important job which really needs to be done. Now is the proper time. Let us not put off until tomorrow, that which may be accomplished today.

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The Prophecies

By: David E. Sakrisson

Copyright © 2011-2015 by David E. Sakrisson
All Rights Reserved


As we consider the information which has been presented above, plus all of the things which are coming upon this earth, possibly it is time to consider that which the prophecies have to say about these things. It appears that the general train of events upon this earth has been foretold, plus the final outcome of all things.


It is written: "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth..." Luke 21:25-26

As the evil ones and the eugenics movement gains power across the face of this earth, they will put into place laws which declare when a person is to be put to death or exterminated. As the mentality of the ruling elite degrades further and further, and things get worse and worse on this earth, men (and women, too) will become so filled with fear that their hearts will utterly fail.


What will eventually occur will be the worst time which has ever been experienced on this earth.

The Word of God clearly declares: "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." Matthew 24:21-22


Indeed, if things were allowed to continue on the path of tribulation, there would come a time when no flesh would be saved. In other words, the human race would utterly exterminate itself. Even the ruling eugenicists would eventually kill each other off. But, for the elect's sake, God will shorten those days. Indeed, a remnant will be saved.


It appears that the prophet Daniel had a vision of that which would be happening on this earth. A portion of his vision is stated thus:

"Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet; and of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.
I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.
Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.
But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him."
Daniel 7:19-27


The prophecy above makes known there there will be a kingdom, or government, upon this earth "which shall be diverse from all kingdoms." It shall be different than any which has been on this earth before. It will be a very ruthless and oppressive government, which shall devour the whole earth. This government, because of its policies and the changing of laws, will wear out the saints of God.


For a period of time, the saints of God will actually be oppressed by the wickedness of this worldwide government. But God will eventually give to his saints judgement and power, and they shall consume and destroy the beast and his govenment unto the end. The government will ultimately be given to the saints of God, which kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom.


Indeed, we now live under that government which encompasses the whole earth: a government which is far different than any before it. It is commonly called the United Nations: that government whose legislative body resides in New York City (USA) and its World Court is in The Hague (Netherlands), but its true head resides somewhere totally different.

Closely associated with the United Nations are the powerful eugenicists. These elite billionaire eugenicists support and uphold the United Nations, and help carry out the mandates of the United Nations.


The elite of this world may appear as being invincible. They will perform their evil: their extermination, mass murder and genocide. But, the judgement of God will eventually come upon them and their powerful and "advanced", yet desperately wicked worldwide kingdom shall be utterly destroyed and the kingdom of the earth will be given to the true people of God.


Let us look again to the prophecies within the Word of God. Regarding the types of things which we are dealing with, it is written: "But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.
Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help... And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed."
Daniel 11:32-35

Yes, some of the people of God shall be killed by the agents of the evil government, before it is ultimately destroyed. Some shall have virtually all of their possessions stolen from them by the agents of this evil government. Indeed, they may lose everything which they worked so hard to get in this life. But, the people who do know their God shall do exploits. Eventually, the evil government shall be brought down.


A question may arise as to the nature of the weapons which God's people will be using in this war against the evil, worldwide government. In relation to this, it is written: "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds." The people of God will not be using guns or bombs to overcome the evil government, but the very power of God will be working with them.

When Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, he did not need military weapons to overcome Egypt or destroy its mighty army. Moses simply spoke that which God told him to, and God then powerfully performed that which he had declared. So shall it be when the people of God are given the power to consume and destroy the evil government which controls and defiles this whole earth.


Yes, some of the people of God will die. But let us observe that which is written. The following is clearly declared in the Word of God:

"And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: and they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.
And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind, and the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; and said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: for the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?"
Revelation 6:9-17


In the coming day when God judges this earth, the stars from heaven will come crashing to the earth. The impacts shall carve deep craters in the earth. The evil people upon this earth will be looking for somewhere to hide, in a vain attempt to escape from the face of God.

The controllers of this world will go to the mountains and rocks of this earth to hide. Yes, they will even run for their vast network of underground bunkers, as they attempt to flee from God. But they will quickly find that neither they nor their bunkers are any match for the mighty power of God.

So shall it be at the end of the evil world government and at the end of the world.


The preceding message is given in a very abbreviated form. A more complete message about the end of the world may be accessed via the button below.


This story in not finished yet. The Word of God declares: "And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone." Revelation 19:20 But, there is more.

It is written: "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever." Revelation 20:10

The Word of God clearly makes known that "the abominable, and murderers ... shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." Revelation 21:8


Shall the ultra-rich and powerful eugenics, the abortionists, the euthenasia practitioners, the exterminators and mass murders and such like be able to escape the mighty judgement of God? Can they even begin to hide in death? In answer, let us consider the following words:

"And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.
And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.
And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."
Revelation 20:12-15


God, in his infinite wisdom, has created the lake of fire in which to punish people like murderous eugenicists who feel that they can play "god" upon this earth. Because of their hatred and blatant rebellion against God, they work to destroy as much of the human race as possible. They seek to persecute and destroy the people of God. They seek to destroy that which was created in the image and likeness of God.

Because of the hatred of the evil ones toward that which is created in the image and likeness of God, they will ultimately be punished for all eternity in the lake of fire. They will no longer be able to perform deeds of evil upon this earth or anywhere else.


God does not approve of anyone trying to take his place or lord it over the worlds populace and guide them down hideous roads and deeds of atrocity. Yes, the Word of God shows that eternal punishment in the lake of fire will be the most appropriate punishment for the murderous eugenicists: in that fire which is never quenched and their worm dieth not.


To the rich, the Word of God speaks: "Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.
Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you."
James 5:1-6

Yes, the life of the rich at this point in history: they live in pleasure upon this earth, they have been wanton, they have gathered to themselves all things which their hearts desire, and yes, they may even kill those that are more just than they. But one day, this life of the rich shall come to a sudden end. Then what will they have?

To the rich especially, it is written: "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works." Matthew 16:26-27

The rich, with their million and billions which they have obtained, what will it be like? What will it be like to come before God and realize all that money, power and worldly possessions means absolutely nothing? What will it be like to realize that you have actually wasted your whole life performing acts which are ultimately despised by God? Your money and riches, as it is written "is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire."


To the people of God, it is written: "Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh." James 5:7-8

Yes, look to him from whom you may receive true strength. God will soon perform all those things which he has spoken in his Word.